Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This has been a long week.  "The Preacher" was back in the office today… but I’m sure his heart is in Tulsa.  Please keep their family (especially Harper – and all those in the NICU) in your prayers.  Their family has so much yet to go through… but I am simply in awe of the work that God is doing.

I wanted to update you on our hairdresser, Kay.  She had her surgery and they found some cancer in two Lymph Nodes… so long story short, she will need to have chemotherapy – beginning in early February.  Please continue to remember them in your prayers as well.  They have meant so much to us since our early high school days.

Last Friday afternoon, Jodi and I took supper to them and visited for a while.


Jodi made Beef Tips and green beans, and I made Jamie's Heath Bar cake and some homemade bread.  I didn’t get to taste the cake, but I had word that it was good! (Jodi planned to make one so she could eat it on Free Day, but I don’t know if she got around to it.)

We’re going to try to take a meal again on Friday.  I’m planning on making Jamie's "Lazy Lasagna".  (Thanks for all the ideas, Jamie!!)  Jodi’s in charge of dessert and bread.

And, then I plan to head west to go see my two kiddos in Fayetteville!!!


Kayla said...

I'll take some of that Heath Bar Cake, please! Ha!

Harper and Kay(and families) are still in my prayers!


I'll be up pretty late tonight working on this stuff! Wish me luck!

The Thompson's said...

That was so thoughtful. We will put Kay in our prayers with Harper. I know as we lift both of them up God will move in a special way to heal them both.

Love and Prayers,

Morris Family said...

We are still praying for Kay, too!!

petrii said...

YUMMEE Heath Bar Cake sounds yummee, but I must restrain =)

Still praying for Harper and will add Kay to my prayer list.

Oh have fun in Fayetville. I heart Fayetville. My hubby and I like to go hiking about 30 mins from there. But we stay in there when we go.

Have a Blessed day friend,

Melissa said...

It's such a blessing to care for others. I know that this family is really sensing the Lord's hand of comfor through you. Praise the Lord!!
Thanks for stopping by today and for the prayers. We really apprecaite them.. and you!

Melissa said...

OOPS! I had a typo girl! Sorry! :)

Melissa said...

OK! I had more than one!! HELLO! I am getting off now! ha!

Susie said...

I was wondering how Kay was doing. I will definitely continue to pray for her too.

Your meal you took over looked delicious.

Hope you have a safe and wonderful time in Fayetteville.

Susie said...

Jacquie I am back to exercising. As a matter of fact I just finished my hour walk. So far, so good. The doc had told me I needed to stretch my muscles. This is so difficult for me because I have never been one to do this. So I really have to remind myself of this. Thanks for asking.

Kyla said...

All that food looks so good!!!

Have a safe trip on your way to Fayetteville :)

Becky said...

Well.....I just gained five pounds looking at your cake. Thanks!!

I'm so glad to see Harper is doing better. I know Scott and Kelly are tickled pink.

Have a GREAT time in Fayetteville this weekend.

Nikki said...

The food looked wonderful. I am sure your friend feels very blessed.

Please be careful on your way. I hear there is a game Saturday so it will be busy...

God Bless

Leigh Ann said...

It is amazing to get to watch the miracles God is performing in Harper! I am ecstatic about her oxygen continuing to come down!

That cake looks DE-LISH! OH, and I made Jamie's Lazy Lasagna and it was SO good and easy.

I'll be praying for your friend. Y'all are so sweet to do meals for her and I'm sure she appreciates it. You have the sweetest heart, Jacquie! Oh, and that cake looks divine.

Love you bunches!

Lauren Kelly said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hey. Love the blog!!! Have a GREAT weekend!