Monday, January 26, 2009

You Live Out Loud So Well

I’m not exactly sure why I started blogging.  I am not all that articulate and putting into words what I feel in my heart is so difficult for me.  I am completely short of words to describe how the events that have occurred since Harper was born a week and a half ago have affected me.  At first, I was simply devastated with the prospect that this child potentially could be taken from these parents who had prayed for her and dreamed of her for so long.  I was completely broken.  I, like most or all of you, could only pray, weep, pray, and weep.  I begged God for her life.  Begged.

As the week unfolded, there was so much evidence that God was at work not only in healing Harper, but in bringing literally thousands of people to their knees.  God has moved in a mighty way, and I am forever changed by it.

There were so many things that Kelly said in her blog that really moved me and inspired me to trust Him more deeply…

“I have comfort in my Jesus. He will never leave me or forsake me. I don't know what His plans are........whether we will be able to keep Harper on this earth with us or not - but I know that I know that I know that He is good and He loves me and He is holding my hand right now.”

“We may have a very long road ahead of us but we believe that God is going to heal our baby and He is going to use her in a very mighty way. We know God says in the Bible that when two or more agree in His name - He will answer. And we know we have 2 or 3oo,ooo people praying for us. Our prayer is that all who pray for Harper will see God's might and power and His love in the miracle we know He is going to do for us.”

“We can't get over the stories we hear of all the people who are praying for our little baby. And we believe with everything in us that she WILL be healed. Because we know that God has the opportunity to show His power and love in that healing. And to NOT answer would be to have the chance to have people lose faith in the power of prayer.”

“I just have this calm assurance that she is going to be okay. God has made Himself so real to us over and over and over in so many ways.”

“Last night I received an e-mail from a lady who accepted Jesus as her Savior after finding my blog last Friday and praying for Harper which led her to re-open her Bible for the first time in years. Every second of the last week has been worth it for that fact alone. And we truly mean that.”

“Tonight we celebrated my parents 38th wedding anniversary and I'm pretty sure there is no place they would rather be than with their new granddaughter. We all just love her so much and we can't begin to explain the tears of joy we shed every day at God's goodness to us.”

“We are living the fact that God's mercies are new every morning! We have had a hard week this past week but I think it's also been one of the best weeks because we have witnessed God's hand in every moment. I know some of you who are reading this may not have had prayers answered. You may think God has forgotten you. I just want you to know that God is good and perfect and He loves you. He has a plan that may not be what you planned - but I pray that you will one day find that His plan was best. We just have to trust Him to work everything out for the good.”

“He is my strong tower, my strength, my fortress, my deliver, my shelter, my very present help in time of need.”

“We have never asked "why" about Harper. Not once. We believe everything happens for a reason.”

The words in bold above were life-changing for me.  That is a bold statement made in faith by someone who has confidence in her God.  Amazing.

Tonight as I read through some of the comments on Kelly’s blog, there was one that really stood out to me.  It was made by a girl named Holly.  She said, “You are living out loud so well, Kelly.”  I LOVED that!!  I’m forever grateful to the Martin/Stamps family – for they live out loud so well.

Oh, that I would do the same.


Lauren Kelly said...

This is a beautiful post. I too have been truly changed by the life and miracle of sweet Harper and the events of the last week!!!! GOD IS GOOD!!!!!! :) It's been greating getting to know you and love when you stop by my blog :)

Kayla said...

It really is amazing to see their love and faith in our God through this hard time in their lives. They truly are an inspiration to me and I am sure many others! God is absolutely amazing!!

Praying y'all don't lose power tonight!

We love y'all!!!!

In His Army said...

Very well said, Jacquie. Mario and I talked at length tonight about this very same thing. Amazing family who loves our AMAZING God! I think this entire situation has changed many hearts--I know it did mine!

petrii said...

Amen, dear friend. It has been AMAZING to watch the faith of this dear family in action.

Have a Blessed day,

Dorothy said...

Hi Jacquie,
Great post and powerful testimony!
Can you post an up-date on how Harper is doing? I will continue to pray for her.

Susie said...

Oh my goodness what amazing words. There is so much comfort to be found in them. Thanks for sharing them.

His Doorkeeper said...

Jacquie, I am sitting here in NICU reading your post and thanking you for such sweet does my heart good.

I feel so like the very hand of God has been placed on us this past week. It has been nothing short of a miracle; not just keeping a little baby from dying but using her to increase the faith of so many. Who else could do that but our Great God! We love and praise Him and thank Him in ALL things!

Thank you again for your words...they are refreshing to my tired soul this morning! Judy

Leigh Ann said...

Oh, Jacquie, you have just put down so eloquently exactly how I have felt. That same quote you bolded also changed me! I told Derek just the other day that it is amazing that during this entire unfolding of events, when Scott and Kelly needed so much comfort, Kelly was the one giving all of us the encouragement and comfort through her amazing faith in God. It is awe inspiring! I, too, don't think I'll be the same as before. I knew I had a special friend, but oh how I realize now how blessed I really am to know her and the rest of her family!

Betsy said...

Amen!! They are truly living out loud so well!

Heather said...

Oh, that we would all do the same!!! I have been AMAZED and humbled and inspired by Kelly's words!!! Thanks for this post!