Sunday, June 15, 2008


Kale, my oldest, lives a couple of hours away in Fayetteville where he goes to college and works. Every chance I get to go visit , I jump on it!! He has a nice little apartment and is always gracious enough to put up his mama for the night. We usually eat big and have a grand time. This weekend was lots of fun because not only did I get to go see Kale (and his girlfriend, Kayla), but Tyler went with me. Our plan was to go looking for a new car with LOTS of gas mileage. I've been driving my Pathfinder, which only gets about 15 mpg. We started on Friday evening testing cars - and car dealers - ugh! We got up Saturday morning and went to Bentonville and ended up at a Nissan dealer. We got there around 10:00 AM and left around 5:30 PM! We were worn out... but here's my grocery-getter!!

Before we left the lot, Kale traded in his SWEET Mazda CX-7 ...

for this...

We did our best to help put food on that poor car dealer's table.

My good friend, Melody, lives in Bentonville, so we decided to make a stop by her house before heading for home. She recently bought a beautiful historic home built in 1887... she's about done doing her renovations, so we got the grand tour. It's simply amazing. The architecture is so detailed and beautiful. I don't know how they did such detailed work way back then. I don't have any pictures of the inside of the house, but it's 5,000 square feet of loveliness!! Here's a shot from the outside...

Her neighborhood is filled with old historic homes. I'd love to go through the neighborhood knocking on doors asking for tours of their homes! I doubt they'd appreciate that!


His Doorkeeper said...

Love you new car...what is it? Can't believe Kale bought a new car too! Wow! They were happy to see you guys come in, weren't they?

Congrats to the both of you...nothing smells better than a new car!! But it only lasts a little while!

Jacquie said...

It's a Nissan Sentra (like Austin's and Katherine's). You're right... it only lasts a while... that's why I'm not paying for a Lexus! Ha!

Kelly said...

I love all of those old homes too and I REALLY want to knock on the doors and ask for tours. Mom told me about your friend's house so I looked it up and I LOVE it! It is so neat! I would love to see the inside! She needs to get on the Christmas tour of homes!
Love the new cars!!!
Still can't believe sometimes that little Kale that I babysat as a TODDLER has an apartment and a car and a soon to be job! I'm so old!

Jacquie said...

Kelly, she was on the tour of homes in her homes in Harrison. I have no doubt she'll do it again in Bentonville. She has quite a gift of decorating, too. I told your Mom that sometime when all three of us are in/around Bentonville, I'll take you in to her house. (Mel approved as well)
And, little Kale has an engineering job at Southwest Energy and LOVES it!

The Garners said...

Oh my Kelly, I cannot believe that's Kale that I babysat!?! That seems like MAYBE 5 years ago...where did all those years go?? I'm sure that was a wonderful time together this weekend!

Your friend's home is beautiful. I'd love to see the inside of it.

I did not know you had a blog until tonight (I linked to it from Judy M), but I'm excited to be able to read about your family!

P.S. Love the heading photo!