Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kool-aid Smiles and Sweet Little Waves

church VBS june 08 002 - Copy

In the absence of (at least new episodes of) what I consider good TV (American Idol, 24, Biggest Loser, Amazing Race, Big Brother, House), there is little to do once I plop down on my couch in the evenings (well, except for reading too many blogs, of course)! I just heard this week, though, that Season 10 of "Big Brother" starts July 13!! Yippee!

So, tonight I took time to go back through the pictures our pastor's wife emailed to me from our Vacation Bible School we're having this week. The kids have had so much fun. It's been a great week! Here are a couple pictures of our "Kool-aid smiles" ...

church VBS june 08 054 church VBS june 08 041 church VBS june 08 025

church VBS june 08 061

church VBS june 08 052

My little eight year-old nephew has been there this week and he's so funny. While I'm up in the sound booth running the slide show during our Worship Rally, he keeps turning around to grin and wave at me. Gotta love him!!

Hunter at VBS

Oh, and believe it or not... THIS is our Associate Pastor (aka VBS Director):

church VBS june 08 039church VBS june 08 100He rented a dunkin' booth to let the kids dunk him. Tomorrow they're aiming for our "Preacher."

If it wasn't so much work, I wish we could have Bible School all summer long!!


The Garners said...

Great pictures...I wish we were there participating! Next year, I hope!

Betsy said...

Do you go to Kelly's mom's church? Those pictures look just like the ones she has on her blog of VBS!

I love VBS! Those kids are adorable. They look like they're having so much fun!

Kelly said...

I'm a little worried about dad being in a dunk booth - he's liable to have a heart attack. ha!
I can't wait for Big Brother either - I couldn't get into the one they had this spring - I was already too tied into so many other shows.

His Doorkeeper said...

Now that I get a good look of that picture I made of Bryce, does his head look like it is pasted on or not really his? Looks weird to me for some reason! He's a cutie!

Thanks for all you did for VBS! We couldn't have it if it weren't for all you do!

Sharmin said...

I can't wait for VBS, we're doing the same one at Salem FBC, but it's the last week of July. I never thought about a dunking booth, I wonder if Bro. John, and Bro. Jeff would go for it???