Saturday, June 21, 2008

What a Blessing!

Today all I've thought about is a precious family that we love very much and how God is blessing them. I am just so grateful for the answer to prayer in their lives and the joy set before them. They have watched their daughter go through a series of difficulties and it has been painful for them as well. They live their lives with praise in their hearts and on their lips no matter the circumstance... BUT, today they are celebrating, because HE said "YES!" We are so happy and praising God with you!


Kelly said...

Thanks Jacquie - that is so sweet! I think this whole thing has almost been harder on mom and dad than it has been on us and it has also ALMOST been more exciting for them than for us. (Almost - I don't think anyone is more excited than us!)

Betsy said...

Hi Jacquie!!
Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I enjoyed browsing through your blog today. I love old family photos and family history! I love big families. I can't believe you're one of 11!! Wow! I have a true appreciation for your parents since I have 4 and they keep me hopping!

His Doorkeeper said...

Thanks for the sweet note about our family. We just are keepin it real....I am astounded at the number of young couples who have had or now in the midst of infertility. I do believe God has used Kelly to give encouragement to others in the middle of her pain. God is faithful and true, isn't He?