Monday, June 23, 2008

Well, isn't that special??

church lady

Being a church secretary, I'm always at least a week ahead on my calendar.

Hard to believe since I'm late for everything!

As soon as I start work on Monday, I'm preparing for Sunday. So, when I publish our weekly newsletter I am typing as if it is the coming Sunday and listing activities that are actually a week or two ahead of the week I'm in. (You church secretaries out there know what I'm talking about.) For me, it gets confusing and sometimes, I just totally botch it. Just ask anybody.

Well, Saturday night, David and I had a date... dinner and Wal-Mart! If you live in a small town, you know you've had one of those!

I had an ulterior motive for dragging him to Wally World (other than for visitin' all the town folk) - I had a bridal shower gift I had to buy for a shower on Sunday. We printed off the gift registry and started hitting the isles for the perfect (pre-picked out) gift. I found a few things and we went home for the evening.

But, when I got to church Sunday, I realized it was only June 22 and not the 29th... which is when the shower actually is! At least I got my shower gift bought early.

So, what did I do with my newfound free time on Sunday afternoon? Instead of my normal carb- induced post Mexican food nap, I decided to sit down with my laptop and read blogs. I read people's blogs from the very beginning! Do you know you could actually spend perfectly good weekends on the couch reading this stuff?!

Dave says I'm obsessed. Is this normal?

There are so many interesting, funny, soul-stirring, heart warming and heart breaking blogs out there! God's even teaching me a bit about myself between the lines...

I did break long enough to go back to church and for a second Free Day meal at McDonalds (of all places), but I finally quit around 10:00 PM because we're having Vacation Bible School at FBC this week and this night owl needed to get up early. (The beauty sleep couldn't hurt either.)

It wasn't a totally wasted day - I did manage to get fresh sheets on the bed. There's nothing like clean sheets!!


The Garners said...

I spend WAY too much time reading blogs, but I just love reading about others' lives! I think it was last weekend--or shortly after I found your blog--that I linked to Bring the Rain from your site and spent hours sitting on the couch with Lane's laptop, reading and crying and crying and crying. Lane was asleep on the other end of the couch--I was afraid he would wake up and think I'd gone completely crazy when he saw how red and puffy my eyes were.

Betsy said...

I totally know what you mean. It's crazy! But one blog usually leads to another one and before long you've been on the computer WAYYY too long!!! Glad to know I'm not alone!! :)