Monday, June 9, 2008

The House Where I Grew Up

This is the house I grew up in... and that's my mother and my youngest son, Tyler. I got the chance to go back to California in August 2006 with Tyler. (We found out just before leaving for the trip that my parents were driving out to California and would be there while we were there... which was great!)

It was the first and only time I had been back to California since moving in 1977. Almost 30 years. I had for years literally had dreams of being in my old home, my old neighborhood, with my old friends. So, the chance to go back was awesome to me. It was especially sweet since I was going to get to share it all with Tyler. Tyler LOVES the fast lane. He loves life. He loves people. So I knew he'd get a kick out of California. The freeways, the beaches, the endless amount of relatives he would meet for the first time.

I got to go inside my old house and take pictures. The people who bought it from us still live there and were gracious enough to let me in. My dad did all the brick work that you see.

Kale got me to go on to Google Maps the other day and type in my old address... they have a "street view" now and you can actually go up and down your street and see camera shots of the neighborhoods. Try it some time... it's lots of fun and a great trip down Memory Lane!


The Garners said...

What a neat experience!