Thursday, June 12, 2008

Catcher's Mitts and Photo Albums

I love old things! Old houses... old pictures... old books... old songs... old classic cars... old friends... lots of old things. The older I get, the more I like old things. The older the better! When I go into an antique store I begin to yearn for the past and wonder about the history of the item and the people who owned it. I want a window into their world...

That catcher's mitt, all tattered and worn... how many little hands had used it?

That photo album with pictures and an old war-time letter still tucked inside, sitting on the store shelf as if it never meant a thing to anyone. A gift to Coralie Wimer from her grandfather on Christmas Day 1901. How does that make its way to an old dusty store shelf? (Yep, I bought it ... for some reason it was precious to me.)

I'm sure many of my posts will include old photos. I treasure them and want to preserve them for my children and their children. They tell a story that is unique and precious to our family. They speak of times gone way too fast... and remind me to slow down and be thankful for the moment I'm in.

This sweet picture is one of my favorites. It was taken on a day in 1944 of my mother and her siblings (well, my Aunt Karen wasn't born yet). That's Mom on the far left - she would've been around seven years old. I love the hair bows. (Notice the trademark curly hair.) What some beautiful kids!

Take a picture of your loved ones today!!


His Doorkeeper said... happy to have you in Bloggyville! Welcome!

You will find this a little addictive.......

LOVE the picture of your Mother and siblings. That little boy(Guessing that's your uncle) looks just like Tyler sitting there!! Do you think so too?? Wow!

I love old stuff and old pictures too!

Jacquie said...

I think the three in the middle are all boys... but I don't see Fester really in any of them. When you see my Grandpa in his younger days, you'll probably see a bit of Kale, too!

Kelly said...

I like the picture of your mom and her siblings too - they all look so cute! I love the 40's style. I think that boy DOES look like Tyler too.

Jacquie said...

Judy, I probably should've posted that the little girl on the far right is my Aunt Rosemary... that's Allison's mom! Can't you tell???

His Doorkeeper said...

Oh my, yes, she looks like Allison or should I say Allison looks like her!! I love this picture! It is priceless!