Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The hairstyle dilemma

I have a hair appointment next week and, once again, I have THE hair dilemma.  I have naturally curly hair, but I dream about having straight beautiful hair.

If I had straight hair... I'd have Rihanna's or Posh's inverted bob.  SO CUTE!

Inverted bob

Posh Beckham

But, since I have these curls... I have to make the best of them.  So, do you think you could help me decide what to do with my hair?

I usually walk into the salon with pictures of cute celebrity  hairstyles.  Here are a few of my favorites (not in any particular order):


2cute haircut



I currently have somewhat of a version of this cut:



Here is another style I've recently had:



Or how 'bout this:



Leave a comment for me on which hairstyle you think suits me best.  Or, do you have any suggestions on another cut?  I'd love to hear from you!!


Leigh Ann said...

You CAN have those straight cuts if you really want them. I have curly hair, too, and I use a Chi iron to pull the curl out, and I just got a version of the inverted bob as well. You can see it on my blog somewhere. It does take some work to get the curls out though! I think your hair is adorable curly! You are lucky to be able to go either way! I'm always in a dlemma when it comes to my hair! Ugh! Okay, so I'm NO help, am I? Ha! Thank you for your sweet comments and encouragement about tomorrow. I have a feeling I won't remember a word of it either!

Kelly said...

I love your curly hair!!!
I like it all the ways you showed. I think I like what you have now a lot! You look great either way.

Betsy said...

You look so cute with your curly hair! I love your look in picture 5! I wish I had straight hair, too! Rhianna and Posh look great with those inverted bobs!

His Doorkeeper said...

Hair today......gone tomorrow.....enjoy all that hair while you can!! It always looks good, but I like the last picture best if that's any help at all!

Becky said...

I like the last one too. It looks sassy. Do you have a Chi? My hair is also curly but girl I get that Chi out and go to town on it.

The Garners said...

I love your curly hair, too! And I like all the styles, but especially your current style. I see that other people have mentioned the Chi...that's what I use, too. My hair is so wavy, but the Chi makes it as straight as can be if I take the time to do it. I wonder if you could straighten it all with your current cut and almost have the "Posh" do, just for a variety? I like my hair shorter like it is now, but there are some days that I'd LOVE to have the pony-tail option...I don't feel like the style I have now offers much flexibility.

Sharmin said...

Oh, if you had straight hair, like me, you'd want it curly. I think it looks really good in #5. I've got somewhat of an inverted bob, and I'm trying to grow the bangs out...I'm getting it cut tomorrow and the long bangs may be short again, they're driving me nuts!