Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Very First Blog Award

I got my very first blog award - thanks to my bloggin' buddy, Betsy

Betsy Maddox

Betsy is a new friend I've made through bloggyville.  I'm sure you probably already have, but you need to check out Betsy's blog.  We have a lot in common... she has kids around my kids age, we love a lot of the same music, and we both enjoy where we are in life and the joy our families bring us.  She is a teacher ... and I have the utmost respect for teachers!! And she's a great mom that does all kinds of fun stuff with her family.  I appreciate Betsy's words of encouragement that I receive almost daily!  Thanks, Betsy!

Ok, here's what I'm supposed to do:

1.  Put the logo on your blog.

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.

3. Nominate at least seven other blogs.

4. Add links to those blogs on your blog.

5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

I am new to blogging and just beginning to find my favorite reads, but here are the ones I read faithfully and look forward to hearing from daily:

Jamie @ The Garner Family


I have known Jamie since she was 13 or 14 years old... I worked for her Dad for five years and had the pleasure of working with Jamie, too!  She is very neat and ultra organized (which makes me feel like a complete slob next to her).  She has grown to be a beautiful woman inside and out, and a godly, loving mother.  Jamie's blog is filled with fun family stories... she has more friends than you can shake a stick at!


Judy @ His Doorkeeper


Judy is my pastor/boss's wife and you already know how I feel about her (read here).  Judy is famous for attempting to smuggle cheese knives on airplanes and being the mother of a very famous blogger, Kelly.  She seems to have even made it to Oprah's couch!  You'll love Judy's blog... especially for ideas on decorating and hosting special events.  She knows her stuff.


Emily @ chatting at the sky


I love, love, love to read Emily's blog.  She is a very talented writer and I love her photography.  When I read her blog I feel as though I'm sitting in her living room with her.   You've got to check out her blog.


Kelly @ Kelly's Korner Blog


Kelly is quite famous in the blogging world and is the cutest little pregnant woman you'll find anywhere!  She is the daughter of my pastor/boss and I remember Kelly when her hair was BIG and BLACK.  She is genuinely a sweet, godly woman who, like her mother, has a heart for people and is just SO nice!  She's doing a great job keeping us all up to date on the development of Baby H as well as providing us with sweet spiritual insight, great decorating ideas, TV reviews, and fashion tips.  She's the all-around-gal!  I'm sure you've already got her on your blog roll.


Becky @ Looking Through The Eyes of Luv


I've gotten to know Becky and just love her and her energy!  She is a fellow Arkansan and has beautiful daughters and grand kids!  I love hearing about her trips and the fun she has with the "man of her dreams".  She has a sweet joy about her.  You'll enjoy her posts as much as I do!


Leigh Ann @ Horton Happenings

Leigh Ann

I just recently started reading Leigh Ann's blog.  She is a friend of a friend and I've really enjoyed reading her posts.  She leaves the sweetest comments, too!  I love how she loves her husband and children... and her desire to serve and find ways to make things around her better.  She has an inspiring story... and her positive outlook is contagious.

* * * * *

Ok, so that's not seven people, but trust me... they have some incredible blogs!  And, since I'm SURE they've probably already received this award, I officially dub them all "honorary award winners".

I do want to mention here that of the handful of blogs on my roll, the one blog that I feel is worthy of a true award belongs to Angie Smith.  Angie is the wife of Todd Smith, from the Christian singing group, Selah.  Their story is incredible.  Her posts are completely God-inspired.  Your life will be affected by the raw honesty in her words as she shares from the deepest parts of her heart.  She has a great ministry to women... and I encourage you to check out her blog.


Leigh Ann said...

Jacquie, thank you SO much for thinking of me and for your very sweet words. That touched my heart! Okay, I LOVE Jamie, Judy, and Kelly, too, but I haven't met Emily yet. If you love her, I'm sure I will, too, so I'll go check her out! I have truly enjoyed reading your blog and I'm loving the pictures of your sweet family. I always leave your blog just feeling good about life!

Becky said...

I guess I was the slow one today. When I received my award from Leigh Ann, I knew exactly who I was passing it on to. Well, like I said I was a little to late. Yep, you and Betsy had already received them too! But I am faithful to your blog, I can't wait each and everyday to see what you've got to say. You just crack me up most of the time. You have such a wonderful way of telling stories!

The Garners said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! Your blog is so encouraging and fun to read--I love being able to keep up with your family by reading it since I don't have the opportunity to see and talk to you often. (We actually plan to be home this weekend though--hope to see you Sunday a.m.!!!)

Kelly said...

You are SO crazy - I'm not famous. But that is REALLY sweet what you wrote about me. I'm so glad you started blogging - I have enjoyed reading your blog so much and keeping up! It's so addicting isn't it?
And you are right - Angie Smith's blog is the BEST. She is an amazing writer. I can't read her blog without crying.

renee durow said...

Your blog was a tearjerker for me. I know exactly what you are talking about with the kids. Great pregnant picture!! You are truly a fabulous person inside and out and very passionate in all that you do! Thanks for all the help you give me.

His Doorkeeper said...

Well, I'm home from camp and I'm BEHIND to say the least!!! Thank you for the award! I'd say I was in good company... But did you have to bring up the INCIDENT with my knife-smuggling???? Like I knew it was there?? I'll never live that one down! Maybe the little incident with the border guard in Romania/Hungary with my camera is a little more interesting!
Thanks for your sweet words! I love that you are blogging! Agreed that Angie's blog is sent from heaven to us who need to hear and be reminded how Holy is our God!