Friday, July 25, 2008

Mayberry Lives

David and I went to "town" tonight to eat.   In our neck of the woods, people still say that. 

Our little town of Flippin has a population of about 1,357.  When it comes to dining out, Flippin has about 5 choices (unless you count the vending machines at Ranger Boats - which David and I did a few times back in our dating days... that was all there was here then).  So, when we go eat,  we usually go to a town that's about 15 miles east of Flippin... Mountain Home.

Downtown Mountain Home

Mountain Home has a population of about 12,215 and while it's not a big town, there are a few more dining options.

Of course, we have to go to Wal-mart after a meal here because there is no T.J. Maxx.  Tonight, when we pulled in to the parking lot at Wal-mart... we got a glimpse of  Mayberry RFD.



Ask you can tell from the second picture, the owner walked out while I was taking pictures.  I think he liked that because he loaded his stuff and got in the car and sounded the siren for us as we were walking off.  Then, he drove down through the parking lot and had Andy Griffith, himself, singing the TV show theme song over the loud speaker. 

As he was driving by us with his window down, we stopped and talked to him and he told us all about the car (it's a 1962 Ford Galaxy 500 that he had fixed up - the exact same kind of car that Andy had).  After talking to him a few minutes we learned he loved all tings Andy... we kinda got the idea he might be just a tad obsessed, but it gave us a good laugh!

Only in small town America!!

Andy Griffith 

Kale, Daddy wanted me to email the pics to you and tell you that we had just bought this car!! Ha!


Becky said...

You gotta love a small town and Andy Griffin for pete's sake! Hey, do you know anyone at Ranger Boats? I have a friend that works there. Small world.

P.S. I loved Kale's comment last night. That was a hoot!

Kale Wallace said...

I wouldn't have even entertained the thought. I know Dad. If it's not old, beat up, barely running, and sub-$1000, he won't glance at it.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love small towns! I grew up going to Lake Norfork, so Mountain Home is a sentimental place for me! That car is so funny. Glad you got some pics...

His Doorkeeper said...

Hey, everyday when S comes home for lunch we watch the Andy Griffin show and laugh out loud!!

You can't beat it for REAL entertainment! It never gets old!

But I guess we do!!

Leigh Ann said...

And I thought my husband was a big fan of Andy Griffith. Oh my! I'll have to definitely show him these pictures! I love that you say going to "town". We used to say that all the time growing up. I remember when I said that to my husband when we started dating and he just stared at me like, "What did you just say?" Ha! I think it is so cute!