Friday, July 4, 2008

Spending Time with the Kids

Happy 4th of July!!


David and I are in Fayetteville visiting our son, Kale. We have had a blast with him and his sweet girlfriend, Kayla. Last night we had supper at my good friend Melody's house... she's the one who has the beautiful, huge old home in Bentonville.

I invited Kelly to come take a tour. Every time I walk into a room I find something new and interesting to look at. Kelly found lots of things that interested her, too. I know what y'all are thinking... yes, I know THE Kelly from Kelly's Korner Blog personally. I actually knew her before she became famous. As a matter of fact, my son, Kale, wanted to marry her when she went away to college... it just didn't work out (since he was only four). Kelly just wouldn't wait for him. I guess it's all turned out for the best, though. Ha! In reality, Kelly is the daughter of not only my boss, but my pastor of 18+ years.

We had a great time in Bentonville. It was great getting to see Jeff and Melody again. They are the sweetest people and we had so much fun with them. Here's a picture we took before heading out to watch the fireworks.

Melodys at 4th of July

Kayla and I spent the day shopping while David and Kale hit a sportsman's store and several pawn shops. Tonight we ate at my favorite eatin' spot - The Olive Garden. Yum. We might have to make a stop by Coldstone Creamery tomorrow before heading back to our little home town.

If you're reading this, Tyler, I miss you bunches!! Dinner tomorrow night??


His Doorkeeper said...

Sorry I missed the tour! Kelly called and said I would have loved the style of the house. Hope I can come over later and see it!

Glad you had a great time with your family!

We sat home and listened to the dogs howl!! The fireworks are not made for dogs and their ears!

Kelly said...

You are silly - I'm not famous! :-)
It was fun seeing ya'll and Kale's girlfriend is really cute! :-) He was a good boyfriend even at 4! :-)

Becky said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time in Fayetteville. I'm jealous! HA! I love Olive Garden too, especially their salads, they are yummy and I love me some Coldstone Creamery.

Betsy said...

That house sounds amazing!! If it ever gets in a magazine or anything, let me know! :)

Sounds like ya'll had a really great July 4th!