Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday

It's Monday!

I love weekends, but when it comes to the work week, I love Mondays.

Mondays ... and Fridays.  Strange, huh? 

Mondays are always busy days for me, so they just fly by.  Fridays are equally busy, but I'm fortunate because if I get my work done early, I can usually go home when I'm done!  You can't top that.

I told Kale today that you know you still like your job if you look forward to Mondays.

Something else that makes me happy... these pictures I haven't seen in a LONG time of my boys... they were taken in July 1991.

Kale and Tyler July 1991Tyler and Kale

Tyler Kale and Danny July 1991 Tyler, Kale and their cousin, Danny

Tyler Danny and Kale July 1991 Tyler, cousin Danny, and Kale

Kale and Danny July 1991

This picture (above) reminded me of a picture I took in October 2006 (below).  They've grown just a tad ...


Have a Terrific Tuesday!


Kelly said...

Yep - those are the boys I babysat exactly how I remember them. They were so cute!
I love my job but I still don't know if I love Mondays. Fridays I do love!

The Garners said...

Oh my goodness--yes, THAT is exactly how I remember your boys, too! I really cannot believe it when I see these college-age pictures of them!?!? It scares me because I feel like it's only been a few years since they were that size--like Rhett & Alexee right now...I'm about to cry just typing this.

His Doorkeeper said...

Although I see Kale and Tyler all the time, this is the way I LOVE to see them.....little and cute and sweet! (Now they are BIG and cute and sweet)

It really doesn't seem like so long ago, does it?