Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lights on, Lights off

We've had a fun and unusual weekend. 

Our Associate Pastor's son, Jessie (who is also a friend of my boys), got married yesterday and we went to the wedding.  Their families are a perfect blend for lots of fun!  They know how to have a good time together. And we enjoy being around them.  Kale was a groomsmen in the wedding and looked quite spiffy in his black and red tux.  Of course, I made them pose for a shot or two...

Kale and Kayla at Jessie's reception

Kale at Jessie's reception

Kale is pretty easy to get a picture of, but Tyler tends to get a bit testy with me when the camera comes out...

Tyler at Jessie's reception

Tyler at Jessie's reception2

When we got home, the kids wanted to watch "Fool's Gold" so we settled in with some ice cream and turned on the surround sound and started getting into the movie when a severe thunderstorm hit.  It was really windy!  The power went out at about 10:30 or so and stayed out all night long.

We were all miserable trying to sleep with no air conditioner or fans and the windows open.  I did alright until the rain stopped and the wind calmed... so around 4 AM, I woke Kayla up and asked her if she wanted to go for a drive.

So we jumped in the car and went to look at the storm damage and make a bathroom stop at the church (we have a well, so when the lights are out - we have no water).  The power was out at the church, too, as a matter of fact, our whole little town was out of power all night... so we didn't even get to have church this morning.

It finally came on again at noon... only to go out again around 5 PM (no church tonight either!!)... and we just got it back around 8:30 this evening.

We are so spoiled.  We feel so put out when our conveniences aren't available to us... but there are so many without them all the time!  It makes me realize how blessed we really are ... and how much we take for granted.  I'm also grateful for those men who work so hard to get our power going again in the middle of the night!

We're all powered up again and I'm trying to catch up on laundry now.

Speaking of laundry, does this sound familiar to any of you with grown kids at home??

Wednesday evening: Tyler starts his laundry.  He has one load in the dryer and another load in the washer.  He then leaves the house to run with the guys.

Thursday morning:  His clothes are still in the dryer and wet in the washer, so I "neatly" lay the dry ones on his bed to fold (ha!) and decide to wash the load in the washer again because it sat all night.  I then go out the door to work before getting the load in the dryer.

Tyler comes home that evening and washes the clothes a third time, thinking they've sat all night and all day, and leaves the house again.

Friday morning:  I get up and see the SAME load in the washer, STILL, so I wash them a fourth time.   Then Tyler wakes up and is about to wash them a FIFTH time before I tell him I'd just rewashed them a second time... then he tells me he washed them twice, too!  Ugh!

No wonder I'm always out of laundry detergent!!

Can you imagine the loads of laundry my mom had with 11 children??


His Doorkeeper said...

Kale and Kayla made a handsome couple at the wedding. i never got the chance to say anything to her but she looked so cute in that dress. Did she find it at Branson?

Tyler has the cleanest clothes in town!! har

Kelly said...

Kale looks so handsome! Kayla is very cute!
I can't believe ya'll didn't get to have church yesterday - I've never herad of that happening.
I prayed so hard for us not to have bad storms on Sat night because I knew I would be up all night and be so tired for church. It just rained for us. I'm sorry - because I think I sent the storms your way instead. ;-(

Betsy said...

We have been having some really bad storms, too! Fortunately our power hasn't gone out though. That is NOT fun!

That laundry situation is crazy!! I could so see that happening to me. Laundry is the one chore that is constantly overwhelming me. I never can seem to get on top of it. I can't begin to imagine how your mom did it with so many kids! She deserves an extra crown in heaven for that one! :)

The Garners said...

Too funny--you and Tyler doing and doing and doing the laundry! Maybe your washing machine knocked out the power in town!? :)

The boys (and Kayla) look so nice all dressed up for the wedding.

Becky said...

Jacquie, thanks for all your help today. I couldn't have gotten it changed without you and your suggestion.

You sure have some handsome guys and Kayla is a doll too! Poor Tyler and his laundry escapade. Or is that poor mommy. HA!