Monday, August 4, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

I'm not a cold weather person (I don't do winter well), and I LOVE the summer, but it's just plain hot... even for me. You know it's unusually warm outside when I forget to turn on my under-the-desk heater.

Working out is a priority in my day. No matter the temperature... I go to the gym, since it is a climate controlled environment - although some days you wonder (like today). So, when it's hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk, I go to the gym. And in the winter, even when it's snowing, I go to the gym... because that's what I do.

Ever since my kids were small they have been physically active. They became involved in sports at a young age and played sports in high school, so I never worried about their physical condition. But now, they are both out of high school and team sports has gone by the wayside. So, as a momma, I "concern myself" with their private lives and the amount of exercise they are getting and the value of the nutrients they are consuming. Kale calls it nagging. Tyler isn't home enough to verbally "concern myself" to - so I'm pretty sure he's at least "moving" = calories burned.

I was kind enough to send Kale some "helpful" information to get himself started on an "easy" workout plan. (He has a nice gym at the apartments where he lives and a swimming pool.) So I was SURE he'd gotten up at 4:30 this morning to hit the gym. When he called me after he got off work, one of the first questions I asked was "Did you workout today?" He quickly informed me that it was too hot to workout. I reminded him that the gym IS air conditioned. His reply was, "yeah, but the walk to the gym is NOT air conditioned" (all 100 yards of it). He's no dummy that one!

What's a mom to do?

On the other hand, Tyler has gotten on a tennis playin' kick and today at 4 o'clock, he was playing tennis outside in the 100 degree heat! Now that's just crazy!

I thought I'd leave you with some fun summer shots that make me smile.






Yes, those are my children wearing winter "moon boots" in the sprinklers. (L-R: Tyler, Katherine (the boys' lifelong friend), and Kale)

Fester sprinklers

Fester and growth on forehead



(I don't remember the story behind this, but Tyler and Katherine have the right idea!)

Stay cool!


Becky said...

Girl, I think we are sisters. I HATE WINTER TIME!!!! Love the rest of the seasons. But if it is below 78 degrees I'm usually cold! I love the pictures of the kiddos, especially the one in the pool with the boots on. That is priceless!

I'm off the air, can't get my blog going for some funky reason.

Becky said...

I knew you were still up! I think you and I are the only ones up this hour. I have no clue what Windows writer is! Girl, I'm a stewardess not a computer wiz like you! HA! Wanna give me a tip?

P.S. I just realized those aren't boots they're tennis shoes. Obviously, I can't see either! Ha!

His Doorkeeper said...

Hey, Jacquie, you know I am crazy...but I love the hot weather. I love to open my door in the early morning and go out in my PJ's and not have to put 3 layers on! I hate cold weather!

Love those sweet little boys you use to have......why did you let them grow up??? The pictures bring back so many memories! Was that Katherine in the picture?

OK, I'm going to a minute....!!!

Kelly said...

I need your motivation to work out. After the baby comes - will you be my personal trainer? ha!
The pictures of the boys are so cute - they were the CUTEST!