Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Daddy's Girl or Mama's Boy?

Hands of a baby

There was some talk at work this morning about the bond between a father and a daughter and how (supposedly) there is no stronger parent/child bond.(Please note:  I work with two men who lost their hearts to their daughters the day they were born!)

As a mama of two boys, I got a little defensive and I wanted to disprove their silly notion and validate the precious connection that I have with my boys.  (Did you see Michael Phelps and his mother being interviewed by Bob Costas on TV?? Oh, that did my heart good.  Now that's a mama/son bond!!)  

Belly with footprint

After all, I carried those boys in my womb for 9 months (almost 10 months with Kale). I love them with my whole heart and would do anything for them - I'd lay down my life for them.  Not that Dads wouldn't do that for their daughters, but the thought that "their" bond is somehow superior to "our" bond is just wrong!

I was blessed to have had the opportunity to have my mother in the delivery room with me during both my children's birth... Dave had mysteriously "stepped out" of the room for a little bit.  Anyway, after having Tyler, my postpartum blues consisted of realizing that I would never be invited into the delivery room... since I had boys.  Broke my heart, I tell you.

Let's face it... a girl will always need her daddy (he's probably not going in the delivery room either), but there comes a time with boys that, as a mom, you know they won't need you anymore, and that's as it should be.  You want them to be men of strength, character, and integrity... not a whiny, stunted grown child.

Since God saw fit to bless me with children of the male variety, I am looking forward to having precious daughters (in-law) someday and enjoying a mother-daughter relationship with them.

I may be missing some things that only come with having daughters, but no one can take away the arm wrestling and rib poking as well as the phone calls, tender hugs, and sweet sentiments that come (even if it is every once in a while) from a son... only for a mama's heart.

jacq and the boys Dec 06

Okay, you mother's out there.  I don't think that Dad's have anything on us Moms.  Do you?


Kelly said...

Well - I can't IMAGINE what got this conversation started. ha ha ha ha!
I think there is definetely a HUGE bond between moms and their boys. If we have a 2nd child - I for sure want a boy - and I want him to be a momma's boy.
You will make a great MIL one day - I'm sure you will be very close to the girls that K&T marry and they will love you.