Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Live Like You Were Dying

"The Preacher" asked the question tonight at church, "What if you had one more day to live? What would you do differently?"  He went on to talk about a book that was written called "One Month to Live (Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life)".  Although, I've pondered that thought before, for some reason tonight it sunk in a little deeper. 

What would I do differently?  I guess I'm going to need to think on it a bit more because he issued homework to us tonight... we need to make a list of five things we would do differently if we had 30 days to live.

One thing I KNOW I'd do differently is speak more AND speak less! 


I would want my family to know how truly, deeply I love them. 

Me and Dave

Me and Kale

Tyler and me

My siblings (I think) think of me as the mushy one... the sentimental sap, but in truth, I don't tell my hard-working husband, my so-sweet sons, my sacrificial parents, my many siblings, or my dearest friends enough just how rich my life is because they're in it.

Dad and Mom at fund raiser

Goulet family

Jodi and Jacquie

Friends at Neighbors Mill


I would spend less time speaking negatively  or of things that just don't add up to much, and use my ears more to hear what others really have to say.

I think Steve said ... "we are ALL "terminal", we just don't know how much time we have left." (or something like that)   Imagine how this world would change... if we all "lived like we were dying".

I'll be pondering that thought all week.  What would you do differently???


Becky said...

What a wonderful post! I'm like you, I think I would have to ponder that for awhile. I think for one I would try and relax a little and take a day at a time instead of thinking about what I'm going to do tomorrow or the next day or next week.

Betsy said...

That really is a great way to live your life! I love the things you listed and I would totally say the same things! I need to focus on those important things more sometimes and not let the trivial stuff take over.

Kelly said...

9/11 changed me. I think that made me try harder to just tell people how I feel. I try to send people e-mails or cards to let them know how special they are to me or how something they did had an impact on me. And of course I tell Scott I love him 100 times a day and the same to my family every time I talk to them. We are not promised tomorrow..........