Saturday, August 9, 2008

More From the Family Tree

Last night we went out to eat with (my sister) Valerie and Jack and their sweet son, Hunter.

Hunter 080808

Since I am keeping you informed on my family tree (see yesterday's post)... Hunter is my kids' first cousin AND their third cousin. He is David's nephew AND his second cousin. Ha!

He's pretty much a clone of Tyler ... I guess it's the Wallace/Goulet combination at work.

Hunter told his momma a story yesterday about how his Dad likes to sometimes drive with his window down in the middle of winter!!  He said, "I get so cold my teeth start SHAKING!"

I just love the things that kids say...


His Doorkeeper said...

I'm so old I remember Art Linkletter's show!

Leigh Ann said...

The clips from that show always crack me up!