Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cousin AND Brother in Law


This is David and his cousin, Jack.  Actually, his name is Jackie Wallace.  We live in Arkansas, so it's not so unusual that my sister, Valerie, married David's first cousin.  So, Valerie has a sister named Jacquie Wallace and a husband named Jackie Wallace.  He is David's first cousin AND his brother in law.  He is my children's second cousin as well as their Uncle.  Now it gets a little more confusing that I handed down my previous cell phone number to him and so every once in a while people would call for me on my old number and ask for "Jacquie Wallace" and he'd say in his low male voice, "This is Jackie Wallace".  We've gotten a few laughs over the years over it.

Don't even get me started on the fact that my sister Sharon  and brother Robert married brother and sister!!!

Gotta love a small town!


Becky said...

Girl I am totally confused and I'm from Arkansas. HA!!

The Garners said...

Oh boy, I was laughing out loud by the end of this paragraph! How confusing and hilarious!

Kelly said...

Ha ha ha this is funny and confusing! And for sure AR! :-)

His Doorkeeper said...

This reminds me of when we first moved to town 23 years ago and someone told me, "Don't talk about anyone because they are all kin". I guess you have shown how true that is!