Saturday, August 16, 2008

Time For Family

Kale came home for the weekend (smile) and all four of us went out to eat last night along with Tyler's friend, Justin, and Jessie and Sarah (the couple that got married last month).  We decided to try out the new Colton's that just opened this week in Mountain Home.  When the waitress set the biscuits down, I went to move my water and, of course, it spilled everywhere, including in my purse. (Thank goodness it was just water.) 

But, the funniest thing was when the waitress came to collect dirty plates and she leaned a bit too far forward with a Coke on her tray and spilled it all down Justin's back and in his lap.  I'm sure he wasn't feeling too great, but it was hilarious.  Especially when he and Tyler left the restaurant together and his khaki shorts were soaked all down the backside.

We followed up the fun with a trip to Wal*Mart (of course).

Today has been a special day.  My Mom called last night to tell me my cousin, Allison, was in from Texas... so I invited Mom to spend the day together and go see them.   My aunt is very sick with cancer and it meant the world to me to get to spend the morning with them.  She has a wonderful, positive outlook and I truly was moved by her spirit.  Allison was just as impressive.  My Aunt Karen was there, too... and we took a few pictures before we left.  After we got done visiting and wearing my Aunt Rosemary out, I took Mom to Wal*Mart for a brief run-through and then on to lunch.  We had a really nice talk there and on the way home.  It's nice having a Mom who's a good listener.  She's the best!

Mom and siblings 1992 

This is my Mom's family in 1992 after my grandmother died.  The girls (L-R) are Mom, Rosemary, and Karen.  Her brothers are (L-R) Don, Mike, and Jim

Mom, Don, Jim and Ro

Left to Right (Mom, Uncle Don, Uncle Jim, and Aunt Rosemary)  Check out the curly hair!

Karen, Rosemary, and Mom  Today (Aunt Karen, Aunt Ro, and Mom)

Mom and Rosemary

Mom and Aunt Ro

I absolutely love this photo.  I SOOO want to call my Mom "Patsy" (her name is Patricia), but she said she'd kill me (or something like it) if I ever did.  She hates being called that.

Me and my cousin, Allison

Today  (me and Allison - looking a lot like our mothers)

It is so easy to take your family and friends for granted, so I wanted to be sure and let my Aunts know how much they have meant to me throughout my life.  I remember as a little girl sitting and listening to them visit and enjoying how well they get along. It's almost as though they have a connection that no one else really understands. They are a great example of how sisters should be.

And I miss you dearly, Allison!!! We must do better keeping in touch.


Leigh Ann said...

I loved these pictures. You and Allison are so pretty, and so are your moms. I'm sorry about your water episode. That is so something that would happen to me!

renee durow said...

Wish I could've been there to see the spillages!! Allison hasn't changed one bit since they moved.

Kelly said...

Yes Allison does look the same! Ya'll look a lot alike!
I really like Colton's - especially the rolls!