Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Reaching the Two Year Mark

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Kale and Kayla are celebrating two years together today.  I can't believe two years has gone by already.  They met at the beginning of their sophomore year of college.  Kale got an intern job the next semester in Little Rock and took off school to fulfill it.  Kayla's folks live in North Little Rock, so she went back and stayed there while Kale worked his internship.  They grew a lot in the seven months they were there.  They've both been back in Fayetteville for over a year now, but that's a lot of changes for a budding relationship and they still kinda like each other.

Kayla is so very sweet to my baby boy. (I know, I know he's 21!)  She is a loving, thoughtful young woman who treats him with so much tender care.  I tease him that she's too good for him!  He knows a good thing when he sees it though.  He's a smart lad.

We love you, Kale and Kayla!  Happy two year mark!



Becky said...

What good lookin' kiddo's! I know you're soooo proud of them!

The Garners said...

That's neat! What a cute couple!

His Doorkeeper said...

They are just a real cute couple! Two years has flown by...but then don't they all seem to fly by these days??

Kelly said...

Two years - wow!!!
There may be a wedding in the future????

renee durow said...

That is pretty good, 2 years! Possible marriage and grandchildren! Then maybe you can start your grandkid on some of that nature food you eat and flaxseed on all its baby food!

Betsy said...

Awww...I'm glad he has a sweet girlfriend! I hope Mark can find a girl who will take good care of him just like his momma did!

Leigh Ann said...

That is so sweet. I can tell you will be the best mother-in-law one day.