Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Heart of Worship


"When you come through the doors of the church on a Sunday, what are you bringing as your offering to God?"  That was the question song-writer, Matt Redmon's, pastor asked of his church family. They had gotten in a rut of "worship as usual".  They were consumers of worship, rather than producers of worship.  Something was missing.

So, they did something unusual... they got rid of the sound system and their worship band for a season and gathered together with nothing but their voices.  At first, without the aid of their song leader, there was an uncomfortable silence.  But, eventually, people started to share scripture, or prayer, and some broke out into a cappella songs of praise.  Something amazing happened, and the church began to experience God in a new and fresh way.  They gained a new perspective on worship - it's all about Jesus.

Matt wrote the words to the song "The Heart of Worship" during this time his church was searching for the missing element in their worship.

Randy chose this song to include in our worship this morning.  It's one of my favorite songs.  The words are pure and from the heart.  When I think about the circumstances under which it was written, it gives even greater meaning to the words.

Worship - the meaning of the word literally means "to kiss".  It is often depicted as a knight bowing before his king to kiss his hand in homage to him, but this really comes far short of what the word signifies. It is not so much about a great person humbling himself before a greater one.  It's more like a dog licking the hand of its owner.  It's about adoration. It is to adore the object of your worship.

It's all about you, Jesus.

Oh, to have my heart filled with such adoration each time I come before Him in worship!

Do you have a song favorite that your church sings during worship and what makes it special to you?


His Doorkeeper said...

There's so many worship songs I love it would take up two pages just listing them.

One of my favorites is "Total Praise" although I don't think we've ever done it at church.

I also love to hear Matt Redman sing "Blessed Be Your Name".

Kelly said...

My favorite is "Blessed Be Your Name". When we were trying to have a baby and I was so sad - that song meant so much to me because I knew I had to keep praising God even when He wasn't blessing me.
And now I love to sing that song because God has blessed me so much and I know I can praise Him in good or bad. (I cry like a baby every time we sing it)