Monday, September 1, 2008

Family Get-Together

 Mom and Dad's drive July 08

My brother, Dennis, came in for the Labor Day weekend, so Mom decided to have a little get-together "up the hill" on Sunday afternoon.  We grilled burgers and dogs and had plenty of fixin's and desserts.

Not everyone was able to make it.  My brother, Jim (#2), and his wife are on vacation.  My sister, Kristin (#11), lives about 4 hours away and won't be back up until October.  My oldest sister, Cathy (#1), lives in Washington State, but other than that, we were all there.

Mom and Dad have a HUGE back deck that has lots of seating.  About five years ago, my Dad lost his right leg and the boys (my brothers) made the deck handicap accessible.  Dad has a golf cart that he uses a lot to get around with on his property... it parks on the back deck so he can get to it easily. (Love that they set a speed limit for "Speedy John".)

Up the hill 2004

Finding a quiet spot to sit and eat (and visit) can be somewhat difficult at our family functions.  David and Jack utilized my Dad's golf cart.  No matter where we are, those two always end up with their heads together anyway. (Remember, cousins AND brothers-in-law!)

Dave and Jack eating in golf cart

David and Jack eating in golf cart

I'm surprised they were even able to sit there.  The cart's a big hit with the little ones... you can't hardly keep them off of it!

Kevin and Kristy

My brother, Kevin (#10), and his girlfriend, Kristy.

Mom and me (2) 

My mom and me.


My sister, Sharon (#9).

Valerie getting dessert ready

My sister, Valerie (#4), working on the dessert.

The girls at Moms

Sisters (well, the ones that were there) - Valerie, me, Sharon, Mom and Suzanne (#3), who doesn't like to have her picture taken, not that any of us do!

I got the grand kids together and MADE them take a picture.  I guess they all think they're getting too old for stuff like that.  You can probably guess that this is only a very few of my parents' grand kids. I think they have 28 in total... and 10 great grandchildren (sorry, if that's wrong, Mom).

The grandkids

I wanted a second shot so I told them to say "Monkey" on the count of three... and this is what I got!  The grandkids acting silly

With a big family, you never know what might occur when you all get together ... but the only casualty of the day was one very charred hot dog that got left on the grill.  We had a great time and enjoyed catching up with one another.

I hope your Labor Day weekend was fun and relaxing!


Becky said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I love it when our entire family gets together. Sometimes it gets a little crazy!

His Doorkeeper said...

What a great family (at least part of them) time!

I think you and Suzanne look most alike!

Your parents must relish those times when you are there!

Leigh Ann said...

That looks like SO much fun! You look so cute in that picture with your sisters and your mom! I love that your dad has that speed limit sign! :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You are SO blessed to live close to family. I love where we live, but we miss our family like crazy.

My husband's family all got together yesterday for Labor Day. It makes me so sad to think we were the only ones not there.

The only thing that makes it better for me is knowing we're where the Lord has us.

Glad you had a great day!!!

Morris Family said...

How fun to all get together! We all live close and seems like we never get to the same place at the same time! Love reading your blog!! It is great! I have some very very old church camp pics you and Miss Judy need!!!