Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ups and Downs

Charlsie and David 091008

Our sweet Charlsie is back!  We are so grateful she is doing MUCH better.  Today, they moved her to the nursing home here in town for 2 weeks of rehab before she can go home.  While she is happy to be out of the hospital, she is anxious to get home again.  She had lots of visitors today, which pleased her, but the highlight of her day was a visit from her dog, Sweetie!

While we are thrilled that Charlsie is mending, my sister Valerie called tonight and said that my Aunt Rosemary is not doing very well.  My Uncles were able to come from California and Texas to see her a couple weeks ago.  I'm so glad she was well enough to enjoy their time together.

Don, Karen, Rosemary, Mom and Jim

My Uncle Don, Aunts Karen & Rosemary, Mom, and Uncle Jim

Dick and Rosemary

My Uncle Dick and Aunt Ro

Cancer is a painful journey and almost all families are affected by it at one time or another.  You learn a lot about what people are made of when they are faced with those kinds of trials.  My Aunt Rosemary has the best attitude and a positive spirit.  Her walk with the Lord brings her great comfort and peace.

I'm praying for you and your family, Aunt Rosemary.