Saturday, September 13, 2008

Arkansas Fear Factor


Hurrican Ike Gas Scare 091208

I took this yesterday afternoon around 4 PM hours before "Ike" even hit land in Texas.  People were lined up on to the road to get into the gas station.  It was a mess!  I couldn't get somewhere to get a good picture for all the mayhem. Thank goodness I had gotten gas the day before or I would've been irate, I'm sure.

Our gas prices jumped from $3.51 on Thursday, to $3.79 Friday morning, $3.85 Friday afternoon ... and I heard that it's $3.89 this morning.  There's not much that gets me more riled up than gas prices these days! 

How has "Ike" affected your gas prices?


Jennifer said...

Hi there,
I came across your blog from Kelly's. I hope that you do not mind me leaving a comment. Since my husband is a meteorologist, this hurricane stuff has been the life of our house for the past couple weeks! He made me take our 8 month old twins out yesterday morning first thing to get gas. I passed two stations that were $3.99 and one that was $4.19. I drove an extra 10 miles to a rural part of town, where I was able to fill my tank for $3.69. Today when we were out and about most of the stations around here in Huntsville, AL are $4.19!!!!!!!!!!!!! I heard that the lines last night were a mess. As always, feel free to visit my blog. If you would like to learn more about the weather, you can visit my husband's blog at:
Take care and have a nice weekend!

Kelly said...

Ours are at $3.79. But someone in our office said they were told gas would be $4.75 by today but then the government said they were watching out for price gouging. CRAZINESS!

Betsy said...

Yes!! I went to 3 gas stations today before I could even find any gas! It's crazy!

Anonymous said...

Gas has actually jumped (overnight) from $3.55 per/gal to $4.59 per/gal in Perry, GA! Talk about price gouging!!!