Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Little Different Sunday

Today was a little different at church since both our pastors are gone on a mission trip to Nicaragua.  A gentleman in our church, who is also a preacher, preached in Steve's absence.  He did a great job talking about how we should rely on God, who knows us intimately, for our future and not trust in the things of this world (the stock market, Wall Street, our economy).

Randy picked out several good songs.  My favorite today is a song written by Tim Hughes, "Here I Am to Worship".  Tim was still in college at the time he wrote it back in 1999.  I love worship music and I love how the words, when sung to the Lord, are so meaningful.

It's looking as though Ms. Charlsie will be able to go home sometime this week, probably Wednesday.  She is a bit nervous about these "spells" happening again, but we assured her that we would come visit her and check on her often.  She's ready to be back home with Sweetie!

Today is my nephew Cory and his wife Lacey's anniversary.  They got married in 2001, right after September 11 and before Cory had to leave for the Middle East.  Since Cory is back serving in Iraq again, they are spending this anniversary apart.  Happy 7th Anniversary, Cory & Lacey.


The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately ... fall is in the air.

With the preachers gone, I'm looking forward to a quiet week at the office this week.

I hope ya'll have a great week!


Kelly said...

I started wondering this morning who would be preaching at your church????
I guess hopefully they have made it there by now?
I have been giving Scott that same message all week. He has been stressing over all the money we've lost in the stock market and I have had to say over and over "you can't trust in man or money or the stock market - you can only trust in God" and count the blessings that you do have like health and family (and a baby!)

Soldier in Training said...

Mom & Dad said it was a good service and that his daughter had signed to special music which was really good. Sounds like a good sermon, I can always use that reminder!

I have always thought you guys were so sweet to help Mrs. Charlsie out. I know she appreciates it and enjoys your company.

Becky said...

I'm so glad Mrs. Charlsie is getting to come home. I bet sweetie will be soooo glad to see her too!

Sounds like you guys had a good sermon. I hope Steve and Judy have made it by now.

I'm so sad that Cory won't be here to celebrate his anniversary with his family...please thank him for serving our country the next time you talk to him.

Have a GREAT quiet week!

Leigh Ann said...

I LOVE me some worship music, too! Love it, love it, love it.

I'm sorry Cory and Lacey are apart. When I hear things like this, it makes my heart hurt. I hope they are back together VERY soon.

I'm glad Ms. Charlsie will get to go home to Sweetie. I know they have missed each other so much.