Friday, September 26, 2008



As today was my Mom's birthday, my sisters (Valerie #3 and Sharon #9) and I took her out to eat at (I may have mentioned) one of my favorite restaurants, Neighbor's Mill Bakery and Cafe.  Of course, I couldn't leave there without another one of those awesome apple pies for David - certainly not for myself.

After supper, we went to the movies.  I had secured tickets online for "Fireproof".  The third movie by Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia.  Honestly, I didn't really look into what this film was about... I just wanted to go because I loved "Facing the Giants" and "Flywheel".  Just last night, I finally looked up what the movie actually was about and realized it was a movie about marriage.  So, of course, I went with my Mom and two sisters (and Sharon's husband).

It was SO good!

We had a great audience... these people laughed hysterically at the previews (which were all animated).  This wasn't your typical audience. During the movie they laughed, cried, and at times you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet in there. It was pretty incredible to be able to sit in a theater and hear the gospel being shared on the BIG SCREEN!  I loved that.

I also love the great sense of humor the makers of these films have.  I'm not a laugh-out-loud-at-TV/movies-kind-of-person unless it's just downright funny.  You know, like in "Overboard" when Goldie Hawn has that chainsaw! But I found myself laughing out loud several times in this film.  It's just GOOD, clean fun.

And it's also very true to life.  There are several touchy subjects brought up in this movie that are very relevant to today's marriages.

If you are married.  If you are considering marriage. If you just want to see a great movie.  You need to see this film.  It would be a good one to get on DVD and watch with your sweetie in the privacy of your home, cuddled up with a bowl of popcorn (hopefully, a much healthier version than you'll give a day's wages for at the theater) and enjoy together.

I'll be adding this one to my DVD collection.


Soldier in Training said...

We rarely go to the movies, but I had wondered about this one...we may have to plan a night out!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

I saw a comment on Bring the Rain and clicked husband and I are planning on going to see this tonight and I was wondering if it would be any good! Glad you posted!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I definitely want to see this movie. Do I need to take Kleenex? Because I bawled my eyes out when I watched Facing the Giants.

Becky said...

We love a good movie and especially if it is a laugh out loud movie. This is Alvin's busy season, so we'll have to catch up on moving goin' after harvest!

The Garners said...

I plan to babysit for a friend Monday night so that she and her husband can go see this. Sounds like we need to make plans to see it, too.

I hope this new movie does well.

Leigh Ann said...

I want to see that movie so bad. I have heard it was really good. I could use a "laugh out loud" moment! There is nothing better than that!

His Doorkeeper said...

I think we are going this Thursday night to see it! "Date Night" for the old folks!! I think it would be great if every young (and old) couple would go see it! You have to keep working on your matter how long you've been together!

Loved the post about your Mom, look soooo much like her!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

I'm like you...can't get it off my mind!!!