Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back at Home

Ms. Charlsie is happy to be home from the Nursing Home.  Her brother, Lloyd, had a doctors appointment this morning, so we had the honor of going to pick her up.  Dave and the therapist helped her in my car and she said, "I'm going home today!"   She was so excited.  Then she apologized for "being so much trouble".  I quickly corrected that notion.

When she walked in her front door she exclaimed, "I'm home!"  I got a photo of her and Dave as soon as she got to sit on her couch.

Charlsie and Dave 092508 coming home from Nursing Home

After about a minute, she asked David to take a walk around the yard with her.  She "needed to get some exercise" and she wanted to have a looksy at her yard.

Charlsie and Dave 092508 (4)

Charlsie and Dave 092508 taking a walk

Charlsie and Dave 092508 (3)

She had to wait a little while before she could see Sweetie, because Lloyd still had her, but finally, she was reunited with her precious baby...

Charlsie and Sweetie homecoming

Charlsie and Sweetie homecoming (2)

I didn't get back to work until after lunch-time, so I worked until 6:30 and took a couple of Subway sandwiches back to her house.  We left her to herself a little while ago, she said it was going to be awful quiet there ... but she'll have company.

She has a lot of people who love her to pieces.  We're among them!


Becky said...

I wish I lived close to Mrs. Charlsie so I could visit her. You and Dave are just the best, I know she loves you both so much. Thanks for working on my blog. I am at Cortney's tonight and will be flying to Dallas tomorrow for a three day that starts on Sat. Will tweak my blog this weekend. Thx again. Becky

The Garners said...

These pictures are so sweet. You guys are great neighbors/friends. I know she must be happy to be home.