Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Can't You Just SMELL That Apple Pie?

We went back to the hospital this evening to see Ms. Charlsie. She was doing MUCH better and was so much more like herself, only weaker. She even made several jokes. She's one tough woman!

Our weekend recap consists of a trip to Fayetteville on Friday to see Kale and Kayla. We always have such fun with the kids. Friday night we ate at the Olive Garden and Saturday Kayla and I went shopping while Kale and David went to the Museum of Native American Artifacts in Bentonville. That's RIGHT up Dave's alley. Then they hit a pawn shop or two.
I needed new running shoes. If you're very serious at all about running (or even hard walking) you really need to invest in some true fitness shoes. My shins and feet will start to ache when my shoes are getting old (and I buy new ones EVERY 6 months). Right around the 5 - 5 1/2 month mark, my legs will give me the tell-tale sign that new shoes are on the horizon. (These babies are all mine for the next 6 months!!)

I get all my shoes from a place at Fayetteville called Fleet Feet. They specialize in providing quality shoe fitting services. They know their stuff and it's well worth a trip there if you are an exercise enthusiast. An added bonus is I get to see my best friend, Jodi's daughter, Jessica, who works there.

Before we left we took a couple of pictures.
Kale wanted to do a silly one... a serious pose like our ancestors used to take. I'm pretty sure this will be on my great-grandchild's mantle someday!

On our way home, when we got to Harrison, there were hot air balloons dotting the sky. I love the colors and designs of hot air balloons. I think they had a championship race this evening there, so we were guessing they might have been giving rides or something.

Then, I stopped at my favorite stop in Harrison... Neighbor's Mill Bakery & Cafe. YUM! They make the best bread and their Honey Pecan Chicken Salad sandwich is to die for! My favorite bread is their Woodstock (their finest 9-grain bread). If you're ever in town, you'll want to stop and taste some Neighbor's Mill!

I couldn't wait to get home and sample my goods!

Just look at that apple pie!!

I'll be working off that pie in my new shoes at the gym all week!


Kelly said...

I was wondering if anyone ever went to that museum. It's about a mile from my house - I look at it every day when I drive by. ha!
Glad ya'll had a fun weekend - cute picture of ya'll 4 on the couch!
Mom and Dad are always eating at that place in Harrison and I always want to but we are never through there at a convenient meal time. One of these days.

Leigh Ann said...

CUTE shoes! I LOVE those pictures of the four of ya'll. Hilarious! I wish I had known about that bakery last time I was in Harrison. YUM! I'll definitely get there next time.

The Garners said...

Love the pictures of the 4 of you all on the couch...the funny part is (don't tell Dave I said this), but his "serious pose" looks very very similar to the first, regular pose! ha ha!

I recently bought a new pair of work-out shoes--the first pair I've bought since the summer of 2005!!!! I'll admit that my legs had been aching and I didn't realize it was because of my worn-out shoes! Lane laughs at me because I won't wear my new ones outside--only between the house and the gym. When you only buy new ones every three years, you're careful not to get them dirty! :) I plan to be better about getting new ones because it has made a big difference.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

My shins have been hurting lately and come to think of it, it's time for a new pair of running shoes (though I walk WAY more than I run!) Thanks for reminding me of that!

Cute pics!

That bread and that pie look marvelous. I need to remember that place in Harrison next time we drive through there. I bet it's better than the Sonic in Mountain Home...but I don't know...Sonic is hard to beat!

His Doorkeeper said...

Love the serious pose!! Glad ya'll had such a good time! Always fun to be with your kids, isn't it?

My mouth is watering over the goodies from my favorite eatery in Harrison!

I could eat their cookies till they run out my nose....not a pretty picture!!

Betsy said...

Mmmmm....that pie looks so good! You will definitely need some good running shoes after all those yummy breads and pies! And I love that serious picture of all of you. Looks like one of those old-timey ones where everyone has a straight face! :)

Becky said...

I don't know how in the world ya'll kept your faces straight. It sounds like you guys have a GREAT weekend. Girl I am so past due on new running shoes. I have got to slow down and get some. You are so right about the importance of getting new shoes every 6 months. My left knee has been hurting due to the fact I need new ones!! Yummo on the bakery goods!!!