Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom

Back in 1999 I started a family website on  I wanted to be able to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, addresses, etc. and find a central spot that uncles, aunts, and cousins could share the events of their lives.  In a way, I started a blog back then, because I posted this post for my Mom's 62nd birthday on September 25, 1999.  Her birthday is today, so I thought I'd share what I wrote about her then.

Grandpa and Mom 1939ish (2)

Grandpa and Mom (1939-ish)

Tomorrow is Mom's birthday, and I wanted to take a moment to let her know how much having her as a mother has meant to me . . .

I remember sneaking down to her bedroom at night after having a bad dream ... Mom always told me to pray.

I remember ear infections, coughs, and barfing... Mom always nurtured.

I remember all the dresses and outfits she made ... having to alter the patterns so much to work with my stick figure.   (I also remember going throughout the neighborhood to show off all those clothes, too! ... sorry about the grass stains and holes, Mom!)

Us and Uncle Bruno's kids

My family and my Uncle Bruno's family posing in homemade clothing. (That's me, front left.  My sister, Valerie, has her arms around me.)

I remember seeing her with babies on her hips and dishtowels (or burp rags) on her shoulder.

Sharon and Mom

Mom and Sharon (1970) - also homemade dresses  (I love the bell sleeves)

I remember going to the bread store and on the way home, she'd stop on the side of the road and split pieces of raisin bread for us kids to eat.

I remember her singing.   I remember her teaching.   I remember her loving.

I am truly blessed to be her daughter.

She has been with me (literally) through two births.   She has prayed for me when I've undergone surgeries.   She has encouraged me and taught me how to endure.  

She has modeled a sacrificial life.   She has persevered during many trials.   She has shown me her love for God.

Dad and Mom Christmas Eve 1966

Dad and Mom (Christmas Eve 1966)

She has loved my father and gladly is his help-mate.   She is my inspiration as a mother and wife.   She is one in a million and I am ever thankful that God chose her to be my mom.

Mom age 18ish

Mom age 17ish




Kelly said...

Happy birthday to your mom - she must be one amazing mom to have so many children!!!
Ya'll look SOOOOOOOOOO much alike!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pat.I think of all the things we did so long ago. wonderful memories. God Bless you and I know He blessed me for having you in my life.
Love Vera

Betsy said...

What a sweet post. Your mother sounds like such a wonderful mom. I know you must love her so much!!

Becky said...

What a wonderfu tribute to your mom! Tell her Happy Birthday from blogland.

Leigh Ann said...

This brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely tribute to your mother. Those are some beautiful pictures and I think you look a lot like your mom. I love all the homemade clothes. She was quite the seamstress. She just seems like she was and is an amazing mother.

Melissa said...

How awesome that you have all of the photos and memorabilia! I am not sure where all of my grandmother's stuff went, but I hope to unearth it one day! Happy Birthday to your MOM!