Monday, September 29, 2008


I believe I've mentioned before how much I LOVE antiques.  Old furniture.  Old homes.  Old books.  Old cars.  Old pictures... especially old pictures.

An old picture tells a story and transports you to a time long past.  It speaks of the lives of people who have lived, loved, worked and survived long before you. For me it's nostalgic and sweet and I long to know more about the story of their lives ... especially when it's the story of someone I know and love.

So, I was thrilled, to say the least, when Ms. Charlsie shared this photo of her high school basketball team, the "Flippin Cardinals", taken back in 1933. She would have been about 14 years old in the picture.

Charlsie Basketball Team 1933 focus on Ivon

This team was undefeated for three years in a row from 1933 through 1935. My soon-to-be 90 year old neighbor, Charlsie, is in the back row on the far right.  Her sister, Madge, is in the middle row on the far left.

Charlsie's father moved their family from their hometown of Bruno, Arkansas, to Flippin (about 30 miles or so) back in 1927 for the sole purpose of enabling Charlsie's older sisters (and later herself) to play basketball for Mr. G.B. Keeter who had come to the Flippin School district the year before.  Charlsie was in the 2nd grade in 1927, but when she moved to Flippin, they placed her in the 3rd grade. She explains that she was "right smart" as a child.  She went on to graduate high school in 1935 at the age of 16 and was married before she turned 17!!

Now, for a little contest...

See if you can find someone in the picture that may remind you of someone else. My kids are not allowed to play... they've already guessed it (correctly, I might add!).  Leave a comment and tell me which one you think it might be... I'll post the answer tomorrow.


Kelly said...

2nd from the left on the front looks a LOT like you!!!!
That picture is so neat!!! It's fun to think of girls playing basketball for Flippin in the 30's. Love their uniforms!

renee durow said...

Is it your great grandmother? Looks just like you!

His Doorkeeper said...

Did you PHOTOSHOP your face on that girl??? I swear I didn't know you were that old, Jacquie!!

You are holding up well!!!! har

Betsy said...

Definitely...the front row second from the left looks EXACTLY like you!! Who is that??

Soldier in Training said...

I have always said that you have not aged--you have looked the same since I met you, but I'm like Judy...I didn't know you were that old! :) Who is she and HOW is she related???

I didn't realize Mrs. Charlsie was a baller back in the day! I used to LOVE looking in the lobby of the old gym at all of the old basketball photos of the teams over the years...LOVE this picture!