Monday, October 13, 2008

52 Years

John & Pat Wedding

Today my parents celebrate 52 years of marriage.  They've taught me so much about love and life and commitment.  They were committed to their family and to each other.  My Mom worked as a stay-at-home Mom while my Dad worked a full-time job and odd jobs to make ends meet.

Uncle Mike and Dad

Uncle Mike and Dad

He worked (most of my growing up years) as a police officer.  I used to love when he'd get off work and come home.  When he was a motorcycle officer, we used to BEG to get to ride up the driveway on the motorcycle... about 2 car lengths. Ha!

The main thing I liked about when Dad got home was he would most often go to the kitchen where my Mom would be cooking supper.  He'd usually have a glass of Coke and snack on some potato chips and tell Mom all about the events of the day.  I liked to listen in.  (I think I often lurked around as a child listening to adult conversation. Is that normal?)

I also liked when my Dad was getting ready to go to work.  My Mom cooked him breakfast every morning and he'd leave just a little bit of coffee in his cup.  Mom (or Dad, I'm not sure which) would add some milk and some sugar to it... and one "lucky" kid would get to drink it.  Mom would see Dad out the door every morning and watch him drive down the road.  I used to love to wave goodbye to him with her ... when I was awake. (I remember this, so was I a morning person back then, Mom?)

I've learned a lot through the years from watching my parents.  I learned the most from them about five years ago when my Dad ended up in the hospital for a month.  He has Peripheral Vascular Disease which caused him to lose his right leg (from just above the knee).  For a month, we didn't know if he would keep the leg, or lose it.  Keep the knee or lose it.  Keep his life or lose it.  It was a roller-coaster of emotions and decisions and praying.  My Mother stayed by Dad's side from early morning until visiting hours ended each night.  I never saw her cry, although I'm sure she did when she was alone.  I watched each day as my parents worried about what the other one must be going through.  Even though it was such a tough time, it was so revealing and I learned so much.

They just know how to make marriage look easy.  They'll be the first to tell you they're not perfect... and to be honest there are a few incidents that we joke about now that were glimpses of normalcy (my siblings and I fondly refer to "the bread incident").  In my mind, my parents are extraordinary and we are all the richer for it.

Dad 1957

Mom age 17ish 

photo cropped-6

Happy 52nd Anniversary, Mom and Dad! I love you.


Betsy said...

I love that post. It is so inspiring to see how a couple can be so committed and have so much love for each other through the ups and downs of life. You always have the best stories and pictures. They remind me so much of my own life and family. Just simple people who love each other and make the best out of what they have been given! Congratulations to your sweet parents!

Becky said...

How lucky you are to have such loving parents who truly love each other and for sooooo many years! Alvin and I always say we're going to dance the "Funky Chicken" on our 75th anniversary! HA!!!

Soldier in Training said...

I loved this!! What a milestone-- Congratulations!

His Doorkeeper said...

Your parents could probably teach a class on how to stay married through better or worse, richer or poorer, etc. better than any "counselor" around!

Congratulations and may God bless them with many more years together!

Leigh Ann said...

I was so born in the wrong era! I LOVE those bridesmaids dresses and the pencil skirt your mom is wearing. LOVE IT! I would have been the perfect 50's wife. Ha!

Your family is SO neat. I love reading these stories. I think you should write a book. Your dad is handsome in his police uniform. I just wonder why they thought a motorcycle cop should wear a bow tie???