Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Fun Weekend

My weekends are usually pretty quiet.  But, this weekend has been a blast.  It started with my Friday trip to Springfield to see Sarah Palin.  Then Saturday morning we got up early (YEP, two days in a row!) and met up with Jodi and Gary and a few others to take a day trip to see the fall colors. We had so much fun!

Did y’all know that mornings are just beautiful?  When you’re not a morning person (like some people I know), you just don’t realize what you’re missing. I was so taken by the morning sunlight slipping through the trees.

Jasper sidewalk 

We drove to a little town called Jasper and ate breakfast at a North Arkansas landmark… a little restaurant called the Ozark Cafe’ (which opened in 1909).

Ozark Cafe

Ozark Cafe

After breakfast we drove on through some of the windiest roads you’ll ever find.  At one point, the rear of the vehicle nearly met up with the front! Seriously.


The trees just haven’t gotten very vivid this year.  I’m hoping we’ll get a little more color this week.


Some of the views were just breathtaking. My pictures from the backseat of the Jeep didn’t turn out very well, though.


We stopped at a little restaurant and souvenir shop/furniture store and went in to look at some of the quilts they have.  A little beagle dog greeted us when we got out of our vehicles.  I had David take a picture of Jodi and me on the front steps… and look who found his way into the pose next to Jodi …


The last stop for the day was for supper at a seafood buffet.  I’m not a big seafood or fried food eater, but this buffet was really good.  It was right up Dave’s alley… good ole’ southern cookin’.

Cadron Creek

And I didn’t even get a picture of the cobbler! Yum!!

We finished the weekend with a wonderful day of worship and fellowship.  We had a finger-food fellowship this evening and a praise and testimony service in appreciation of our Pastors (for Pastor Appreciation Month).  Our church is so blessed to have two great men of God as pastors.

From where I sit, I have first-hand knowledge of the demands the ministry places on their lives and that of their wives and families.  Being a pastor requires you to put others first.  Our pastors are no exception… they live their lives very unselfishly.  Thank you Steve & Judy and Jack & Sandy for all you do in service to the Lord and our church.  We love you!


Becky said...

Girl, I am totally a morning person. Sometimes I'm on a crew van by 5:00 a.m. and it is the best. I love the sunrises. I love seeing day break, and I love a full moon early in the morning. There's just nothing like it. Last week I was flying to Seattle and out the right side of the plane dawn was breaking and the sky was dark blue and pink. On the left side of the plane it was totally dark and the full moon was reflecting on the left wing, it was amazing!!! God is awesome isn't he!!!!

Looks like you guys did have a fun weekend. I love the picture of the little beagle, he is really posing. Have a wonderful week!

His Doorkeeper said...

Thanks, Jacquie, for the oh so kind words! We appreciate you and Dave and all that you do for others too!

I love Saturday mornings in the fall and a little day trip can make you feel great!! Looks like ya'll had a great time!

Soldier in Training said...

I love mornings! You really are missing out!!!! Everything looks better in the morning light!

The leaves haven't been as pretty as I'd hoped, but maybe they will turn in the next week!

Betsy said...

That looks like such a great weekend! Friends and beautiful scenery and good food and morning sun. doesn't get any better!!