Friday, October 24, 2008

Seeing Sarah Palin

Gov. Sarah Palin was in Springfield, Missouri, for a rally today at noon.  Springfield is a couple of hours from where we live.  My friend, Mary (who I believe could and should go to work for FOX News), wanted to go see her badly and asked if I wanted to go.

My first thought was... I had a training appointment scheduled for Friday at lunch. 

My second thought was... it's supposed to be freezing cold. 

My third thought was... uh, that would require me to wake up at 5:30 AM and I am SO not a morning person. 

But, I rescheduled my client, found a light coat, and set my alarm and we headed out early this morning.

It was a COLD day, our coldest so far.  We got to the rally site about 9:15 this morning and stood in line until 12:20 or so.  The rally started at 11 AM (what? they started without us!) with Gov. Palin to speak at noon.  She actually started speaking close to 12:30.  It was a long wait, long morning and I think I lost a body part or two to frost-bite (and for future reference, I wouldn't recommend wearing even comfortable heels to a function of this caliber), but we had a good time and Sarah Palin did not disappoint.  She is refreshing as far as politicians go!

It was crowded and we couldn't find any really good view, but here's the best picture I got to chronicle the event.

Sarah Palin 102408


On another note, my oldest sister, Cathy (#1) is having a birthday today. 

Goulet family 1973 Cathy

Cathy is seven years older than me.  She is a high school math teacher who takes her job very seriously.  (Remember to thank your children's teachers... they are special people!)

When Cathy was in high school she had a class that required her to draw someone she loved (or something like that).  She spent, I don't know, weeks, maybe days, drawing her best friend Karen.  She had used a pencil and filled the paper with a large portrait that looked very much like her friend.  It was really good.

But, one Saturday morning, I woke up what must've been earlier than everyone else and I saw the drawing in the family room.  I remember looking at it and thinking how good it was, IF ONLY it were a little darker.  So, I took a PEN and carefully, mind you, carefully drew over every line, every area of that picture.  I don't know how long I worked on it, but when I finally pulled back from it and took a long hard look at the finished product, I PANICKED!  It had taken a turn for the worse.

So, I did what every other child would've done.  I ran it upstairs and woke my sister up saying, "Cathy, Cathy,  S O M E O N E  drew on your picture!!"  She immediately had a total and complete nervous breakdown.

I'm assuming she (for some reason) went to my parents at this point, because the next thing I knew my entire family was lined up in birth order undergoing an inquisition.  Dad finally narrowed it down to me and my next older brother, Dennis.

He kept asking us if we knew who drew on Cathy's picture and we both kept denying any knowledge of it.  So, Dad calls me forward (to this day I don't know if they already had it figured out... I have my suspicions) and says, "Jacquie, if you tell the truth you won't be in trouble, but if you lie to me..."

And of course I say, "DENNIS DID IT!"

After an endless whoopin', I don't think I spoke to my Dad for about 3 days.  And I'm sure Cathy never forgot it either.

As the oldest of 11 children, Cathy had to blaze the trail for the rest of us kids.  You know, break Mom and Dad in.

She was a good big sister.

She is a good friend now.  Whenever she and I get together, we can talk for hours!  I just wish she didn't live so far away.

Cathy w Dad and U Mike

Dad, Baby Cathy, and Uncle Mike


Cathy school pic

I hope you had a Happy Birthday, Cathy! I love you.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Happy Birthday to your sister and how FREAKIN' COOL that you got to see Sarah P!!! I love her!

His Doorkeeper said...

I felt for you all day because I was cold all day! Glad you got to see her in person!

Don't freak out but that last picture of your sister looks like Kale(in the face) alot! Do you think?

Anonymous said...

Great blog Jacquie...SARAH, SARAH!

Becky said...

Woo Hoo!! Go Sarah and Happy Birthday to Cathy!!

Morris Family said...

You are so lucky that you braved the cold to go see Sarah Palin in person!! How cool!

Kelly said...

I'm very jealous you saw Sarah P. WE talked at work about driving up to see her.

Soldier in Training said...

Happy Birthday to your sis! You always have such fun pictures on your posts. I went to my 6th folder and only had 3 pictures in it...what do you recommend? I hate I didn't get to at least say hello today! And it's neat that you heard Palin in person!