Thursday, October 30, 2008

Creative Costumes

Tonight at Awana the kids all dressed up… mostly as Bible characters.  I’m amazed at the creativity of parents sometimes.  Especially since nowadays people can just run and buy costumes … which are never as good as home-made costumes.

When I was growing up, Halloween was a lot of fun.  Sometimes we’d have get-togethers at relatives’ houses.  One year my Uncle Bob dressed up as Frankenstein and walked around all spooky like in his driveway and I was scared to even come out of our camper!!

We had fun spending no telling how long coloring and decorating brown paper grocery bags (do you remember those??) to collect our candy in.  They could hold a LOT of candy.

And costumes were seriously cool!

In earlier posts, I’ve described how my parents found creative ways to make things work.  Halloween was no exception.  When you have 11 kids, you have to be creative during holidays.  I remember lots of home-made costumes.  Here are just a few of them:

Princess costume

“Princess” Cathy (#1).  I believe Mom said this was an altered prom or bridesmaids dress.

Robot Costume

“Robot” Jim (#2) - some of my Dad’s creative handiwork (I told you he can do anything!)

Witch costume

“Witch” Suzanne (#3) – love the broom, wig and hat!

Red Riding Hood costume

Valerie (#4) as “Red Riding Hood” – very sweet.

and my all-time favorite

drum roll, please …

Nun costume

My little brother, Darren (#7), as a NUN! Ha!  This also was my Dad’s handiwork – can you believe that?  And you’ve got to love that old Tupperware Kool-aid container (well, that’s what we used it for) for collecting the loot! If you look closely, you can see a couple of my sisters in the back.  Valerie is on the right in a gypsy outfit and I can’t tell if it’s Suz or Cathy on the left??

My parents were simply amazing!!  We were blessed.


Becky said...

Suzanne was NOT a happy camper!! LOL!! I love all those homemade costumes and they are so creative. I just remember those masks being soooooo hot!!!

Kelly said...

Oh I love these costumes!!! I can't imagine your mom trying to help 11 kids figure out what to be.

His Doorkeeper said...

And you know what....they were better than anything you could buy!

I was always a gypsy. Mother had tons of old jewelry that we used to dress up with and a scarf on our head and there ya go!

Leigh Ann said...

Those costumes are FANTASTIC. I especially loved the nun. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I myself dressed as a nun for Halloween....more that once! Suz' pic looks like Tyler.