Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall Is in the Air

My kiddos are coming in from Fayetteville this weekend! Yay!  Kale is thrilled because deer season is upon us - his favorite time of the year! He loves the cold weather.  That boy can sit in a deer stand in sub-zero temps for hours on end and never fuss.  I, on the other hand, can make it exactly 23 seconds in those temps before requiring emergency frostbite treatment.

Tyler has begun working on a fall fund raiser for the college... a Haunted House.  Last year was his first year to help and he was so excited about how "scary" it was going to be.  He gave the tours and was thrilled that the girls screamed and even cried going through it!  I had no intention of going, but Tyler begged us to go.  I have trouble in fearful situations, so I was literally scared to death at the prospect of going through it, but Tyler promised me he'd walk with me and convinced me I'd be okay.  So, White Cloud, Jodi, David and I went one Friday evening.  I was so nervous I nearly made myself sick.   It was so cold outside and the wait was long, but Tyler gave us a personally guided tour and, no kidding, we LAUGHED hysterically through the whole thing.  It was so funny.  So, we're making plans to attend the big event again this year.

It's been county fair time here in Small Town America.  Here are a couple of pictures of when my kids went with some friends of ours when they were just so little...

Kale at the county fair 1992ish


Kids at the County Fair 1992ish

At the truck/tractor pull - I love that my boys kept their ears plugged!

The Turkey Trot is next weekend... ever been to one?

2005 Turkey Trot


Becky said...

I know your excited about having the boys home for the weekend! I've never been to a turkey trot! What is the world do you do there? Have a wonderful time with the boys this weekend. becky

Leigh Ann said...

Cute, cute pictures. I have never been to a Turkey Trot. I'm guessing you just watch the turkeys trot??? Hee hee hee.

Soldier in Training said...

Those photos are exactly how I remember your kids and the Sneed kids! There is NO way they should be all grown up!!!!!! Of course you remember me at age 10-12 driving your Geo, and I'm grown with two children so who am I telling?!

LOVE YOU A GOOGLE... said...

How fun does your October sound! I love haunted houses, although I have not been to one in years! I guess since I had kids. :( and a Turkey Trot.. never been to one. Maybe that will be something I will have to try sometime, soon. Thanks for sharing!