Monday, July 21, 2008

Remembering Grandpa

I spent the day Saturday at my Mom and Dad's house visiting them. My mom's computer has a pretty bad virus or malware or something and I worked on it most of the afternoon. While it was running scans and such, Mom and I looked through old pictures.

Ever since I started this blog, I've been up and down "the hill" borrowing pictures to scan and blog about. I think I might possibly be driving her nuts!

I don't know what it is about old pictures that makes me so nostalgic. I wish I could magically transform myself back in time and see what my relatives were like in their childhood and young adult days. I want to know where life brought them and how they were changed by the twists and turns, peaks and valleys of life. I want to read it like a good book.

My Mom has several sweet pictures of my grandparents... her Mom and Dad. They have passed on now, but they live on in my memory and the pictures of them are dear to me.

My grandpa Morris is someone that I always looked up to. He was a meek man, with a large presence, and his heart was kind. To me, he was quite tall, but I don't actually know how tall he was. I considered him a dapper man, who took good care of himself and even better care of my grandma. In their married life, my grandpa fresh-squeezed orange juice for my grandmother ever single morning... now that's LOVE.Morris wedding photo

My grandparents loved golf. They lived on a golf course many of their years together. Grandpa was an athletic man. Here's a picture of him in his speed-walking days. He qualified for the 1932 Summer Olympic games in Los Angeles, but in those days they had to pay their own way and he couldn't afford it.


Is that you, Kale??

When I got to stay at my grandparent's house, I remember waking up and hearing my grandpa exercising in his study. Maybe that's where I got my love for they gym?

Grandpa always smelled good. Like cologne.

He was the one who kept up with all our birthdays. I envision a calendar on his desk (he was an insurance salesman) with the names and birth dates of all his family members. He never failed to drop a birthday card with a fresh $1 bill in the mail for each of his grandchildren. O, how I looked for it in the mail!

From my childhood eyes, I saw my grandparents as happy people who were kind-hearted and fun-loving. They loved the Lord and they loved each other.

Grandma and Grandpa 1963

I don't know if they always did, but in later years, my grandma and grandpa matched their clothing colors... I thought that was cute. I don't think Dave would go for that!!

In my estimation... Grandpa was a CATCH!

Grandma and Grandpa 1989

And, he even did dishes!!


His Doorkeeper said...

What wonderful thoughts about your Grandfather. I think that's where Kale got the wavy hair, do you? love the picture of them on the ski lift!

Kale Wallace said...

No, I'm fatter now.

Betsy said...

I loved this post!! I'm the same way. I LOVE looking at old pictures and thinking about all the twists and turns in someone's life that made them who they are.

Your grandfather sounds like a wonderful man. First of all, an athletic man who smells good?? Yep, that's my kind of man. :) And I love how he loved his wife and his family and showed it in the little things he did.

You are blessed to have such wonderful memories! And I can see where you got your curly hair!

Becky said...

This is the best post! Your grandfather was such a handsome man! Everytime I read your post it makes me want to go through my old black and white family pics. My grandparents were such a big part of my life growing up. I don't journal per say, but I have written down pages and pages of memories from my childhood because I'm afraid I'll forget the wonderful experiences!

Now we know where the curly hair comes from. By the way, did you get your haircut?

I read your mom's journal the other night. It is soooo interesting!

Kelly said...

Aw - so sweet! I love to hear about older people and their lives. That does look a lot like Kale. I love how you share all of your memories!
wonder if I can talk Scott into matching outfits?

Leigh Ann said...

I am just loving reading about your family. Your grandparents sound so sweet. I love that picture of the two of them. Was that their wedding day? Your grandfather was very handsome and I love that they matched their clothes. Really, really sweet.