Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Waiting for TV

There's not too much to watch on TV these days.  I'm just getting into the new season of Big Brother (10).  Lots of twists and turns in that show... so it's always entertaining.

My DVR will be working overtime in September, though, with the 13th Amazing Race, a new season of the quirky Dr. House, AND my fave, Biggest Loser 6 ... rumor has it Alison Sweeney is "with child"... seems there's a baby boom these days.

I've been eagerly awaiting my man, Jack Bauer, to come back.  Seems like forever since I've gotten completely worn out from watching just one hour of TV!!  But, Jack and my other man, Simon Cowell, should be back to my living room sometime in January!!

Until then, I grab whatever seems remotely of interest to me... thank goodness for Lifetime Movie Network's Christmas in July!

I have only seen about 10 minutes of "America's Got Talent" in the past, but I watched it last night because of a preview I had seen. This was the finale of the show (the part of the preview that I'd watched for)...

From my "You Tube" search, I've pretty much surmised that they save the best act for the last of the show.  Most of the other "talent" they put on is not that interesting... and I could totally live without Jerry Springer.  But, I found another clip from this season that I just love!   His names is Neal and he just brought me to tears.  Neal loves his momma so much!! Since I have two sweet sons, that just makes this momma's heart sing!

Have a great rest of the week!!!


His Doorkeeper said...

Those were both really really talented people, weren't they? I guess we'll have to just wait and see whether we get to see Jack B. or not! It's been sooooo long!

Kelly said...

Jacquie - we are one in the bond of our reality shows! ha!
I'm watching Big Brother right now and that's pretty much all the TV I have. (I do like Next food network star but this week is the last one).
We LOVE Amazing Race and Biggest Loser. I can't wait for those to start back!
And I'm glad i watched Neal early this morning before I put my make-up on because it made me cry.

Leigh Ann said...

I really like The Biggest Loser and The Amazing Race, too.

Becky said...

WOW! They are both sooooo talented! When is the finale?

The Garners said...

I can't WAIT for "24" to start again! I miss the stress of watching that show. We're behind on Big Bro--we have several episodes recorded. It takes me a while to get interested in it--I have to "get to know" the people. Love Biggest Loser. We've been watching re-runs of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, which I really like (minus his cussing).