Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Quick Week

This week has flown by. Once again. 


The new season of “Survivor” started tonight and Sunday night is the season opener of “The Amazing Race”. 

Amazing Race

TV is finally getting good again.

Kay, our hairdresser, began her treatments last week and is doing okay, but she more than likely wouldn’t tell us if she was just downright miserable.  She’s pretty good at hiding it when she’s not feeling well.

Charlsie is doing really well.  After her last stay in the hospital, she still was having some trouble with her blood pressure and we made her a doctor’s appointment (with a new doctor) and he seems to have gotten it under control for now at least.  Since the blood pressure spikes seem to be what lands her back in the hospital, she is very relieved by the progress.

She went through the ice storm like a trooper.  When we’d go by there or call her while the power was out, she’d say, “I’m doing just fine… under the circumstances.”  I begged her to come stay with us after we got the generator going, but she wouldn’t hear of it.  She has lived life “making due”.  She would impress even Jeff Probst with her resilience.

We get so tickled at her. 

She often gets phone calls from telemarketers and such.  One day while we were there (when the power was out) she got a call from DirecTV (she has an antenna, no dish).  The woman asked Charlsie how she was doing and Charlsie let her know that she was fine but we were in the middle of an ice storm and things were tough.  The woman told her she was from Iowa and after Charlsie hung up the phone she said, “That woman was from Iow-AY!  Why was she calling me all the way from Iow-AY?”

When I was there the other night, the phone rang again and it was an automated message regarding her auto warranty (she doesn’t even own a vehicle).  She begins to inform them that she doesn’t even have a car all the while the recording continues to play.  I don’t think she even realizes it’s a computer.

She just cracks me up!  One of these days I’m going to do a post about her funny sayings.  Everyone needs a Charlsie!!

Have a great Friday!!


Kayla said...

You're right! Everyone really does need a Charlsie!! Everytime I think of her, I think of her little laugh with her hand infront of her face! Too cute!

Kyla said...

Oh, Charlsie sounds like a hoot! I love it and think it's so sweet that you guys are there for her.

And I'm so immersed in bad reality tv shows, that I can't even switch over to the good stuff like Amazing Race! Ohhhh no :)

Kayla said...

OH YEA! I LOVE THE NEW LOOK!! Gaw, I've been on this computer all day trying to find something I liked!

Becky said...

First, I mean't to tell you last night....I love your new blog look! Too cute!

I'm so glad you updated us on Charlsie...she sounds like a real trooper. And I'm sure she's been through alot worse in her life.

I've never watched the Amazing Race, but will this season. We have two Southwest employees from Houston participating.

Happy Valentines Day Jacquie.

Kelly said...

YEAY- I DIDN'T know about amazing race!!! One more thing for the DVR!!YEAY!!

Susie said...

I love your stories about Ms. Charlsie. So cute! I can't believe Survivor started last night. But I must say after the last one I told my honey I wasn't watching it again. Those people on the last one were ridiculous with the way they talked and acted.

Thanks for telling us Amazing Race starts Sunday. Now that is a great show!

Also, love your new blog look, so cute!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Cute new look, Jacquie!

So...there was an article in our small-town newspaper this week about the Amazing Race. One of the contestant teams is from here. I can't remember their names, but he is deaf and his mom is his partner. I've never watched before but now that it has a local addition, I'll probably tune in!

Thanks for your comment on my post yesterday. Good thoughts. I'm still mulling all of that over, and I hope to have some time this weekend to respond to all the comments. There were some great thoughts shared.

petrii said...

That Charlise sounds like an absolute doll. When I was in PT yesterday, my mom was sitting in the waiting room waiting for my baby sis to pick her up. Well apparently she flagged down one of the PTist and asked if he remembered her, well of course he didn't because he'd never worked with her. But she starts talking to him and telling him that I was back in PT and on and on. And he came back and hollered at me and told me he'd met my mom and what a hoot she is and on and on. It was so funny. He said he now liked me even more after meeting my mom. too funny.

I love it that as we age we get less self-conscious. My mom is such a sweetie, and a talker =)

Have a Blessed weekend friend,


Betsy said...

Ooooo....I LOVE your cute new background!! Charlsie sounds like a character! :)

I love the Amazing Race! Yay!

Dorothy said...

Great new look here! I know you enjoy the laughs you get from Miss Charlsie! There are all kind of scams out there that prey on people like her.

Leigh Ann said...

I agree. We would all be better off if we all had a Charlsie. I think you should do a post of her sayings. That would be so cute.