Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Reality TV for the Week

It’s Thursday already.  Although, for most of the day, I actually thought it was Tuesday. This week has flown.

I just finished watching tonight’s Idol elimination show.  I was happy to see Kris Allen made it in to the Top 12. 

Kris Allen

He’s an Arkansas boy – so I’ll have my eye on him. 

Last week’s episodes were really my first real attempt at watching this season.  The ice storm messed me up for a while, but I’ll be watching from now on. 

Danny Gokey

The only other contestant that I was impressed with was on last week’s show. Danny Gokey.  Really liked him! 

Two great guys who are both in the ministry (Danny is a Church music teacher, and Kris is a worship leader … at Leigh Ann's church to boot!).

Biggest Loser Couples

Last night’s Biggest Loser sent home a big threat in Dane.  He was on a roll.  He left as a record-holder… having lost 100 pounds in the shortest amount of time anyone ever has on the show (8 weeks).  I’m also even further impressed with Tara’s work ethic… that chick is tough!

24 Season 7

And 24 was nothing short of AWESOME.  Did you see Agent Walker slap Jack?  Or point her gun at him?  What WAS she thinking?  Perhaps, she was still a little sore at him for burying her alive??? Ya think?

Survivor Tocantins

I haven’t really gotten into Survivor yet.  It takes me a while to warm up to the contestants on that show. I’ll try and hang in there.


All that’s left is the season finale of The Bachelor.  It appears there are twists and turns in the works. It’s sure to be “the most dramatic rose ceremony ever!”

I hope y’all have a great Friday!


Kyla said...

Haha, Jacquie, you are too funny with your reality tv updates!! Love them :)

And thanks for all the sweet encouragment on my blog, I really appreciate it!!

Lauren Kelly said...

I love idol, I missed it tonight because of school, and yay for the bachelor, the suspense is killing me :o)

Kayla said...

WHAT!?!?! 100lbs in 2 months?!? Is that a typo? How the heck is that possible??

Kelly said...

Kris and Danny are my two faves for sure!!!! I'll be voting for them.
I pick Melissa for the bachelor.
I'm not sure who my fav is on Biggest loser. I just root for everyone because they really all win when they lose all that weight!

Susie said...

Hey Jacquie I was really glad to see Kris make it thru last night on American Idol too! Yippee! I didn't know til this a.m. that he is in the ministry like Danny(who I also like). I heard there may be 1 or 2 more from the next group that's in the ministry too.

I haven't really been watching the bachelor a lot but will try to see who he picks. I like Molly and hope he picks her.

I see next week America's Next Top Model starts. That's another of my favorites. Don't know why but I love to watch that show.

Kelley said...

Thanks for catching me up on the shows. I haven't had a chance to watch much tv. Hope you had a great week. Hope you have a wonderful restful weekend.

MiMi said...

Love the TV updates! I didn't know that Kris was in the ministry, too. I really liked Danny, as well. I'm not sure that I like the way they are choosing the 12 this year, though.

And "24" --what can I say about "24"! Couldn't believe Agent Walker slapped JACK BAUER! No one slaps Jack Bauer! You're right, she might have still been a little upset about being buried alive.

Hope you have a blessed weekend, my friend!

Becky said...

I am rooting for Kris Allen too! We visited New Life Church a few times and Kris sang there. I hope he makes it far! I am from Conway so he better make us proud!
Also-we cannot miss 24 or Terence will have a freak out session....and he can't sleep! Yes-I like that girl (agent Walker) she is a great actress and she hasn't been in much before this show...anyways when she slapped Jack I was like "wow"! But I hope they fall in love and Jack become more sensative...but I love him either way!

The Garners said...

I like both of those A.I. guys, too! I was so glad Kris made it to top 12. Lane even called in voting for him numerous times because we were really wanting the AR guy to make it.

24 is getting really good

Becky said...

Gurl, I am sooooo excited Kris made it though to the final 12! I almost peed my pants when they said his name. You know he gets his haircut at the same place I do and last month I was actually in there the same time as him. He is adorable in real life too!

I can't wait to see next week's Bachelor, I'm with you....I'm sure there's going to lots of excitement! GO Melissa! Who do you think he will pick? I don't watch the other shows.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Casey is getting snow, not sure if you are or not. I just go in from a trip and it's snowing here, but no sticking. Thanks goodness!

Stacy said...

Danny is for sure my favorite on Idol! I just can't decide on The Bachelor - I think I like Melissa best! I guess we will just have to wait for the "dramatic" rose ceremony!