Monday, February 23, 2009

A Healthy Meal

I used the old cast iron tonight!! Surprised, aren’t you? I made tacos… a healthy version.

I start with a bed of romaine lettuce on my plate and top it with a serving of cooked and seasoned lean ground beef. 


Add diced tomatoes, chopped onion, whatever healthy toppings you like.  You’ll want to add a little salsa or sour cream, but (Kale and) I like to mix a concoction of fat free sour cream, my favorite (Albert’s) salsa, and some guacamole and spoon that on top. 

The men in my house love the old store-bought taco shells, but I much prefer to cut a whole wheat pita into wedges and toast them in my toaster oven.

Taco Salad

I served it with some fat free refried beans topped with a little low-fat cheddar cheese and pica de gallo.


That’s some good eatin’ and good for you!!

I’m just trying to figure out the cast iron, so before I started to cook, I added a little oil and wiped them out again with a paper towel.  The refried beans stuck just barely (but they’ll stick in any kind of pan).  The clean up was really easy on both pans.

Tyler asked me “what in the world I was cooking in?” Or did he say, “Are YOU cooking??”


Kale Wallace said...

Hopefully the cat didn't kick the bucket after eating the leftovers.

Kayla said...

Yumm....those beans look amazing! Kale and I were wondering if refried beans okay for you? In my mind, I thought they were fine. High in protein..but then I listened to the name...reFRIED. I'm stumped.

I LOVE taco night! My problem is portions!!!! Wish we could have been there.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Looks yummy! I think tacos can be low fat if you use lean ground beef and go easy on the cheese! I usually eat mine naked, meaning without shells and maybe a few chips.

One of my favorite lunches is a bed of lettuce topped with refried black beans, salsa, tomatoes and a sprinkle of cheese. I add a few crushed up chips for texture...SO good!

Kyla said...

Ohhh my goodness, that looks delicious :)

We went to the park today and walked {I even ran with Sam a little}, so much fun and we were all panting by the end!!

Kelley said...

That looks delicious! Thanks for sharing a healthy way to eat an all time favorite.

Lauren Kelly said...

Oh my word, that looks SOOOOO YUMMY!!! You’ve been really into the food making lately, huh???? Bring some on over my way, haha :o)

Becky said...

Now're gonna wear yourself out if you keep cooking at that rate. Plus, you're gonna wear your cast iron out too!! LOL LOL!

Seriously, your dinner looked delish!

Susie said...

Oooh that does sounds yummy Jacquie! I love refried beans.

Becky said...

That looks good...I think I'm just hungry right now? I was using twitter, but I always forgot to get in there and update it! Maybe I'll plug it back into my blog....I didn't know many people used it!

petrii said...

Okay now I REALLY need to check out the cast iron skillet situation!!! This looks delish. I so need to be coming over for supper!!

Have a Blessed day friend,

Heather said...

YUM!! My stomach is growling from reading this and seeing the pics! We might have to have this sometime this week...

His Doorkeeper said...

Did Steve tell you how he has replicated the salsa from Chili's and it is delicious! I swear I have eaten more salsa in the past week than I have in 6 mos.

Now if I could just get him to make a pan of his good enchiladas that he USE to make frequently!! Ole!!

Rose Mary said...

Sounds delicious! I'll have to try the toasted pita bread with mine sometime. I love Mexican food!

MiMi said...

You go, girl! Looks delicious!