Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 10 without Power

Today is our tenth day without power.  I have to admit, I haven't minded near as much since we got the generator hooked up.  We've used it very frugally, but it has made life much more bearable.

BUT, this afternoon, our power was restored.  Thank you, thank you, thank you power crew!!  I can't tell you how often I've thought about the sacrifice they are making to help us.  Every time I see some of them on the side of the road, I stop and roll down my window and tell them that we appreciate them and all they're doing to help get us back to normal.

I told David last night that there has been some good come from "doing without"...

  • I'm a night owl.  I have a NEED for white noise when I go to bed.  Being without power, we've been in bed every night at 10PM and without any TV to help lull me to sleep.  And, I've slept well! I still can't get up before 6:50 in the morning, no matter what time I go to sleep.  Darn than internal clock.
  • I have missed my laptop, and I've taken it to Jodi's a couple of days to try to catch up on my blog reading.  But, I have spent the evenings with David and no laptop ... and no matter how you slice that ... that's a good thing.
  • I'll admit I'm a bit addicted to TV also.  And I've had very little time watching it in the last 10 days.  I may (and it's a BIG may) try to watch a little less TV and do a bit more reading (or cleaning house, or sleeping, or fill in the blank here).

Sometimes, we let technology get in the way of spending time with the people we care about.  I've enjoyed getting back to the basics a little while the power's been out.

But since I've got power now, I'm headed to the grocery store.  We've been eating out of coolers for the past 10 days!!


Becky said...

JACQUIE I'VE MISSED YOU SOOOOO MUCH! Welcome back to civilization!!! OH MY GOSH AND BLESS YOUR HEART AT THE SAME TIME. I'm tellin ya girl, I have missed your blog like crazy!

We were so lucky to only be without power for 23 hrs. and I have felt soooo guilty at times. There are still peeps around here without power. Some of our friends in the Corning area are without power and water and will be for another two weeks!\

I have been thinking about the Stamps all day and I just know Kelly will give a full report later. Or I'm hoping! However, I know she's busy!

Well friend once again.....I'm tickled pink that you are back among the living! LOL

MiMi said...

I am so sorry to hear that you have been without power for 10 days, but thank the Lord that it is back on now. Sounds like you made the best of it while it was off.

I know what you mean about your internal clock --unfortunately mine is set for 5:30 AM! I so wish that I could sleep in on Saturdays and days off, but no such luck!

So glad that you are back to blogging! I've missed you!

Kayla said...

I'm so glad y'all have it back! It is good that y'all had quality time though! Maybe we will see y'all tomorrow?!?!? We love y'all!!

Jenna said...

So glad ya'll's power was restored! Man, what troopers ya'll are - and I love your perpective on the whole thing!!

petrii said...

I would be doing a funky little dance for you right now if my knee wasn't packed in ice =) But I'm dancing on the inside for you!!!

I know what you mean about getting to spend quality time with the fam without all the electronical gadgets.

I'm so glad you are back to blog world. I've missed you friend!!

Have a Blessed evening,

Betsy said...

Yayyyyy!!! Thank the Lord for power! I remember when Hurricane Hugo hit here in Charlotte, we were without power for 4 days. (But it was summer!) But I was never so glad to have power again as I was after that. So I can only imagine what it's been like for you. It sounds like you've made the best of it, though!!

We've missed you here in blogland! :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm so glad you're fully operational now!

Heather said...

YEAH!!! I feel the same way about TV and I HAVE to go to sleep with it! But you're right, when it's gone, it's kinda nice...esp. for spending quality time with the hubby!

Lauren Kelly said...

Glad you have the power back girl, and sometimes it's good for us to get back to the basics!!!! Great attitude and glad you're fully functional now :o)

Kyla said...

Yay :) Glad you're back!

Sometimes Eric and I are guilty about being home together all night but in seperate rooms watching tv or playing on the computer, so it's good to hear you guys got some quality time in!!

The Thompson's said...

Yeah, we are so glad you guys have your power back on. We know all about that after just going thru hurricane Ike not too long ago, and before that hurricane Rita. We wouldnt be caught without a generator living here.

Thank you Lord for electricity. We do take it for granted.

Love and Prayers,


Lauren Kelly said...

Left something for you on my blog :o)

Susie said...

Oh I can't imagine 10 days without power. It really makes you appreciate modern conveniences doesn't it? At the same time though you learn to be content. When we first moved into this house we had no cable so we didn't watch t.v. for over a month. And you know we survived just fine. Glad to hear your power is back on.

Dorothy said...

Welcome back! It's tough to be out of power for that long! We have really missed you.

In His Army said...

So glad you're back in business! Mom and Dad just got theirs back a day ago. Mom sen tme some photos of the destruction from the ice storm...hard to believe!

His Doorkeeper said...

So glad you got your power back on FINALLY!
I get I should be happy I missed the whole thing but I feel like I need to be home to help Steve. He sounds so sad sometimes with the loss of so many of our trees.

I think we will plant some Bradford pear trees this summer so we can have some blooming trees to replace our favorite dogwood that we lost.

I don't even miss TV anymore since we didn't see any in the NICU. Life goes on without it!

Hope to see you all soon!

The Garners said...

SOOO glad your power is back! It does sound like you've made the best of it and used your time wisely though!

The Thompson's said...

NO WAY!! I just read the comment you left on my wife and I's blog page. I just got it because it is on automatic post and doesnt go thru my email for approval like my main blog Fort Thompson does.

I read where you said that you are Kelly's Dad's secretary, as well as Kale's parents! Wow that was allot to take in. Its SOOOO AWESOME! I mean I knew you were close to Kayla, but I didnt know the exact terms of the relationship. I know now why it is that I have become so close to each of you.

I was out of town visiting my parents today and my mother had asked about Harper since I hadnt posted about her lately. I havent gotten any emails from Kelly and havent really tried to email her yet either because I know how tired and busy she has been.

I gave my mom the update after she asked and we prayed right then thanking God for blessing this sweet little girl and that he would keep his healing hand upon her.

Im sure as I get more updates I will be posting about Harper, I just didnt want to post something too premature and it seems that now that so many people are following their story that most people have been keeping themselves up to date on it. Praise God for he is good, and praise him for this blog world that has poured their hearts out to all of the Stamps families thru prayer.
Its nice to better understand your relationship with Kayla and Kale. He must really be a great kid because she speaks so highly of him. Of course I speak pretty highly of her as well because I think just as much of her. They make a GREAT couple and I know will have a long future together.

Love and Prayers as Always,