Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Old Cast Iron

Yesterday, Jodi and I went to Kay’s (our hairdresser).  She is feeling pretty good at the moment, but will be going back for another chemo treatment on Monday (her second).  We ALWAYS enjoy our visits with her and Rick (or “Coach” to us). 

Afterward, we had Jodi and Gary over for a spaghetti supper … we haven’t done that in a LONG time.  We usually just meet up to go out to eat, so it was a nice change. 

Jodi spent most of her time here, though, seasoning my cast iron cookware.

 Cast iron set 2009

Just before the ice storm, I got down in our cabinets and found all the cast iron we had.  David’s grandma has given us several pieces over the years.  They haven’t been used in like NEVER (since we’ve had them), so I got a hankering’ to get them ready to use.  She showed me how her momma used to do it and I finished a few more today.

Cast iron griddle 2009

Dave cooked biscuits on the little round griddle skillet we have this morning.

Today, I worked out on the treadmill and did a little laundry.  Pretty much a lazy day… while Dave’s been working at the farm.  I do believe he is still trying to get rid of all those limbs the ice storm brought us, while I’ve been in the warmth with a good fire in the wood stove all day!  He must think I’m a princess!


Morris Family said...

You are his princess!!!! I love my cast iron...since that is all I have!!

Kelley said...

I have a small cast iron skillet. I use it for cornbread. It makes 4small pieces. I should use it more often. Come to think of it, I haven't seen it in awhile. I bet it is hiding in the bottom cabinet in the back. :-)

Becky said... ARE a princess!!! I cannot believe you haven't used your iron skillets until now. What do you cook cornbread in?

Becky said...

I just noticed that Kelley and I posted at the exact same time and we are both concerned about cornbread. True southern women!! LOL

The Garners said...

I don't have any cast iron, but Mom does, and I think things "cook up" perfectly in cast iron! You should use it for fresh fried squash from D's garden this summer (on your free day, that is!)

Becky said...

Cast Iron...what is that? I'm just kidding!!! I've always wanted to try cooking with it, but I am afraid of it for some reason! Those biscuits look delish!

Kyla said...

Praying for Kay :)

And those biscuits do look quite delicious!! How do you "fix up" a cast iron?

Tim said...

Those bisquits look sooooo good!


StitchinByTheLake said... didn't tell us how your Mama seasoned them! Did she put oil in them and then heat them? I'm not sure how my mama did it but I do it that way. blessings, marlene

Kayla said...

Glad they came over! Yall SHOULD do that more often!!

I could go for some biscuits right now!!! Yumm!!

We kind of are princesses...Yay!

His Doorkeeper said...

My Mom always cooked her yellow squash in a cast iron skillet and it was THE BEST!

I had a cast iron skillet but think I got rid of it several years ago when we moved to this house. I never used it much because it's hard to cook cornbread and squash just for yourself when SOME who live in the same household will not touch it with a ten-foot-pole!

petrii said...

You rock on princess =)

Ahh cast iron!! I wish I had me some CI skillets. All I have is a corn bread skone thingy. I don't even know what it is for sure. My moma gave it to us, I seasoned it and put it in the cupboard where it stays today.

Let me know how you like using your CI. I my have to invest in some sometime.

Have a Blessed day,

Susie said...

I have two cast iron skillets and love them both. I hate that seasoning thing you have to do to them tho. Hooray, Amazing Race is on tonight!!!

Lauren Kelly said...

Looks yummy, and sounds like a NICE day :o)

MiMi said...

I couldn't get by without my cast iron! There are SOME things that just can't be cooked in anything BUT cast iron! But, you're right - you gotta "season" it before you use it.

I can't wait for 24 tomorrow night. How can it be any better than having Chloe AND Aaron return last week! Love that show!

Have a great week, my friend!