Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Weekend

Friday night we went with Jodi and Gary to a boat show that wasn’t.  Apparently, it was open from 10 AM – 5 PM (Friday and Saturday) and we tried to go around 7 PM.  We ended up circling town a few times trying to find a restaurant that didn’t have an enormous wait and ended up at Pizza Hut.

Of course, before heading home, we hit Walmart for some of our favorite pitas (Joseph’s) and to find some hummus (which I had heard was good for you, but haven’t been able to find at our local grocery store).  I got two flavors (Roasted Garlic and Roasted Red Peppers) and LOVED them both.  I ate them with baby carrots.  Do any of you have any other ideas for using/eating hummus?  Do you use it as a spread? In wraps?  Give me some ideas!!


Saturday morning I woke up and Dave told me to look out the window.  We had snow overnight!  Nice.  I’m ready for Spring.   Anyway, I opened up my blinds and got on my treadmill and watched it snow while I ran. 

We had a GREAT day of worship today… and Jodi and I hit up the movie theater too!  We saw…

It was cute… but not one I’ll be renting to watch a second time.   That Isla Fisher is adorable, though. I will say that I was impressed with Jodi, she stayed awake the ENTIRE time!!  I’m usually sitting in the theater next to a woman with her head tilted back and her mouth partially opened.

If she hadn’t done this when we were in our twenties, I’d think we’re getting old.  For years, we’ve pointed out little old ladies and say, “that’s us when we’re old”… you know the little ladies that are talking REAL loud in the movies or the ones who drive THROUGH a building because they hit the gas instead of the brakes.

Well, a week or so ago, it was my turn to drive to the gym and I pulled up to the building and turned off my windshield wipers and THOUGHT I had put the car in park.  I took my foot off the brake and started to get out of the car and realized the car was moving toward the building!!  After a good laugh, I pointed out to her that WE were getting old… and she was quick to tell me to speak for MYSELF!!

She was also with me when I decided to drive through a red light in our town.  In my defense, we only have two stoplights in our whole county – and at the time this one was new.  I looked both ways and no one was coming so I just started to go… and she yelled at me “It’s a red light!”  Oops!

I’m thinking… in the next few years, y’all may be seeing us old gals riding around town… but Jodi will be the one behind the wheel!

BC-WV--BC-PRI--Older Drivers--Eighty-seven-year-old Dorothy Wulfers, who learned to drive a Model T Ford at age 15, prepares to pull out of her parking space Friday, June 4, 2004 in Morgantown, WV. Wulfers said only her and God will decide when she stops driving. (AP PHOTO/DALE SPARKS)                               

Tonight starts this week’s reality TV frenzy … Amazing Race.  I simply CANNOT wait for a 2-hour episode of my man, Jack Bauer, tomorrow night!!! I may lose a couple pounds during that episode alone!

Have a great week, y’all!


Kayla said...

Hehe! You just crack me up!! I'm happy to hear the hummus was good. I will be putting that on the list!!

I'm off to bed. Those cupcakes and pizza made my stomach feel bluh-like!

Counting down the days!!!!

Becky said...

I love the driving granny picture! I am afraid of hummus for some reason. I think it is just the name "hummus"...ewe. Isn't it beans? But if you say it is good I believe ya sister! I may venture out and try it, I see it at our local store all the time. I'll give you my review!

Kyla said...

Hahaha, you are so funny-- on my first day to drive to school, I got out of my car, started talking to friends and got ready to walk to the building when my friend reminded me that my car was still RUNNING!! omg:)

and i echo kayla, those pizza/cupcakes put me in a coma. off to bed b/c we are supposed to work out at 7:30. Right now I feel like I'll get used to working out, but not getting up early! Ha!

Kelley said...

It sounds like you and Jodi have a lot of fun together. I haven't seen that movie yet. We rent a lot on Netflix. Your description of the traffic light reminds me of my hometown. I don't know about Hummus, but I can find out. Have a great week!

Becky said...

I eat hummus with raw veggies and that's about it!

You two girls shouldn't be allowed out of the house unacompainied! Sounds like your driving skills are going ker plunk!

Have a GREAT week and try and stay warm. BRRRRRRR!!! Where's spring!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Be sure you don't go to Kroger on senior citizen day - you take your life into your own hands! I stopped to get gas and saw 2 older women have major problems. One couldn't figure out how to get her receipt and didn't know to let off the trigger when she took the nozzle out of the car, and the onther backed into the car behind her and drove off! I can say this because! blessings, marlene

Susie said...

Oh my goodness I had to laugh at this post. Those driving charades remind me of me. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one getting "old"!

The only way I have eaten hummus is with crackers. Sorry, I have no ideas! That's probably a sign of getting "old" too! lol

Betsy said...

You are so funny, Jacquie. I bet you and Jodi have the best times together.

I love hummus! I usually eat mine on pita chips. It's good with veggies, too, though!

I'm like you...I am so ready for spring! Hope you have a great week!

petrii said...

I heart hummus. I eat it a lot. In fact, I buy this mix at MaMa Jean's in bulk, you add hot water a little EVOO and your good to go, and it's really good. I eat it with carrots, but also really like it on a whole wheat wrap with veggies, lettuce, pepper, red onion, maybe even a little avocado...any veggies you like, delish. Also like it with crackers and pretzels. YUMMEE!! Okay so now you got me going... =)

You are so stinkin' funny. I want to come fall asleep in the movie theater, almost hit a building and run through a red light with you. Sounds like good old lady fun =)

Have a Blessed and SAFE Monday,

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I LOVE hummus. Love it. With chips, with veggies, or spread on a veggie wrap. SO yummy.

I almost went to see that movie last week, but decided to wait for the dvd.

The Garners said...

I'm laughing about you and Jodi! It would be a total waste of money for me to go to a movie with Jodi I guess because I almost always fall asleep, too! Lane has given up on trying to elbow me and keep me awake--thank goodness. If I have to pay $7.50 for a nap, that's okay with me. :)

I can't wait for 24!!! I've liked A.Race so far this season--I got bored with it for some reason last time, but I've been watching it this time around. I liked that they went to Austria--it was fun to know I'd ran around there myself! I was so frustrated with the older brother of the brother/sister team last time...I was telling him (out loud, as if that helped) to "just admit you're wrong dude and MOVE ON! :)

Lauren Kelly said...

ohhhhhhh my, that picture of the old lady driving is hysterical, haha!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!! Sounds like you had an eventful weekend!!! :o)

Lauren Kelly said...

I absolutely LOVE hummus!!!! :o)