Sunday, March 22, 2009

One Gone, One Home

Tyler is on a camping trip with Courtney and her family.  They’re riding dirt bikes and 4-wheelers and having an all-around good time – I may never see him again.

But, I did get to see my oldest this weekend.  Kayla went home to see her folks and Kale came home to see us.  The weather wasn’t altogether great, but he and his Dad did go on a “hog hunt” yesterday afternoon with his Aunt Carla (Dave’s sis) - which was probably the highlight of his weekend. 

(He’s got a little of his Dad in him.)

He brought his laptop and the two of us spent several hours sitting side-by-side on the couch with our computers.

(He’s got a little of his Momma in him, too.)

The weekend was way too short, but he and Kayla will be back in a few weeks for Turkey season.

And… Tyler just texted me to let me know he’s alive and not in a hospital somewhere.

That’s music to a Momma’s ears…


Morris Family said...

It is soo nice to get to spend time with your kids even though they do the dad thing and then the mom thing!!! It is funny how they show "both" sides in them. I can just see Carla going after those hogs!!!

Kayla said...

well I am glad Ty is not in a hospital! Haha. Kale informed me that we will be there the weekend after we decided on. So...see ya in 3 weeks :(

So sad I had to miss a Flippin trip!

Kelley said...

Your boys sound very thoughtful and respectful. I hope MK grows up to be courteous like them.
I am so glad that Tyler called home to check in. I bet it made you feel great to hear from him. I bet it was fun having Kale home. Yesterday was rainy and cold here. Today, it was beautiful. Spent most of the day outdoors helping my dad and father-in-law on various projects they needed help with.

Susie said...

Sounds like a fun weekend Jacquie! Glad you got to spend time with kids.

The Graves Gang said...

One of my sons [Chance] is almost 17 - everytime he steps out the door I go into "pain/attack mode" -
Jeff [hubby] tells me I have to let him grow up -- I tell 'ya after having Kyla [who tells me all the time she is my perfect daughter] she spoilt me... :)

Lauren Kelly said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend!!! Happy Monday!!!! :O)

Kyla said...

Ha. I can just see you and kalo sitting on the couch side by side with your laptops!!

Arm day was killer today. Whooo.

Jessica Lane said...

I'm jealous Kale got to spend the entire weekend at home. I wish I could have stayed more than 24 hours :)I'm glad you got some quality time with your fam. Thanks for the conversation while I was home!

Betsy said...

There is nothing better than having your kids home! (And knowing they're safe!)