Sunday, March 8, 2009

Branson, Bee, Boats and a BABY!

Friday at noon, Jodi and I decided to take a quick trip to Branson to visit T.J. Maxx (a huh!), Target (Jodi’s fave), and the Gap.  Branson is about an hour and a half drive from home and we planned on being back by supper… so it was a QUICK trip.

We stopped at Subway in Harrison (about half-way there) for a lunch salad and as we were going in, I grabbed the door handle and got stung on my right ring finger. I saw something fly out from behind the handle, I don’t know if it was a bee, wasp, or what, but it was capable of setting said ring finger on FIRE!  I got in line with Jodi trying to pretend I didn’t want to cry – or pass out – like a real trooper.  I stood there shaking my hand at a rapid pace and even tried to suck the venom out (bitter, I tell you).  It was a picture of grace.

We were thinking I may have to put my arm in a sling or something and Jodi had a couple of layers on, so she offered to make one out of one of her shirts.  I was wishing I’d worn a scarf for an easy sling – or to use as a tourniquet if necessary.

Last night it started itching and today I’ve got the hyde nearly scratched off… here’s a shot of my now ring-less ring finger…


From the looks of it, you’d think it stung me on the knuckle, but actually it got me right below my fingernail.  It’s a good thing I took my ring off or they may have had to amputate!

(I hate my hands… I can’t believe I just posted this picture on the WORLD WIDE web.)

On our way home from Branson, Gary called Jodi and told her that they needed to take a couple of boats to BRANSON for an upcoming tournament.  So, he called David and as soon as we got back to Flippin, we turned around and headed back to Branson.  It was as it should be - Gary and Dave in one vehicle chatting away (as men do), while Jodi and I towed the other boat and we couldn’t find a thing in the world to talk about!  Yeah. Right.

We dropped off the boats about 9 PM, and decided it was time for supper.  So, we found a Chili’s that was close and had supper at 9:30. (For those of you trying to eat healthy, try the Guiltless Grill menu at Chili’s.  I had the black bean burger with grilled broccoli and black beans and it is SO good!  Jodi got the grilled chicken platter.)

Howards 030609 at Chilis

You can tell we’re TIRED – it was way passed our bedtimes!

Us at Chilis 030609

We got home around midnight.  Total Friday driving time = 6 hours!

Saturday my niece, Lindsey, was in with her brand new baby for a baby shower.  Several weeks ago, Kayla and I went to Branson to buy her baby gift and I finally got to give it to her. I fell in love with Gymboree! And little GIRL stuff!



Her first bathing suit


Since Lindsey and her husband, Jessie, live a couple of hours away, we hadn’t seen baby “Rylee” yet… so Carla (David’s sister) invited us for supper so Dave could meet his new grandniece.  Carla fixed a great supper and we had such a good time getting to visit and HOLD THE BABY!

Us and Rylee 030709

Rylee 030709 (3)

Can I just say how much I want one these??? Yes, I know I’m almost 45 years old.  But, still.  Either I’m bound to have another – or God’s preparing me to be a grandma. (No pressure, Kale!)

Hope y’all had a great weekend. I’m off to elevate my ring finger.


Kayla said...

Omg! I can't believed you didnt tell me about your sting! I have never been stung by anything (knock on wood!)

I SO wish we could have come up to meet Rylee!!! She's just precious!

Counting down the days!!!!!!!!!!

Kelley said...

I am so sorry about your finger. It sounds like you didn't let it ruin your trip. We like to go to Branson, too. We are about 2 and 1/2 hours away. Your niece is beautiful! I have the baby bug too!

MiMi said...

Oh, Jacquie, I can so relate to your reaction to the bee sting! I had a bee land on my knee and get it's "legs" caught in my panty hose --and before I could get him off he stung me 5 or 6 times on my kneecap. It swelled to be about 3 times it's normal size! I know how bad those little things can hurt and I am sure it put a "damper" on the rest of your day. So sorry that happened to you.

I love the Gymboree outfits! They are adorable!

Hope you're feeling much better!

Betsy said...

Poor thing! Bee stings hurt soooo bad!!! I'm sorry that happened!

It's so funny...I wrote about wanting to be a grandma on my post yesterday! I can't wait to hold a sweet little grandbaby in my arms! :) We are so like-minded, Jacquie!

Hope you have a great week!

Kelly said...

1. You and Jodi are so much like me and Laurie. ha! It's so great to have a BFF.
2. I just wrote about how I got out today to go to TJ and Target - it was awesome!
3. I'm sorry about the bee sting - yuck!
4. I have yet to step into gymboree because it would get me in trouble - because you know how much I love having a girl!
5. You'll be a young, fun grandma - but let's not hurry K&K! How about having fun planning a wedding????

Susie said...

I hope your finger is doing better now. That sounded pretty tough! I bet you girls were tired after 6 hours of driving. It looks like you still had a great time though and that little baby is precious!

Morris Family said...

So sorry about your sting. But, I dod get to see pics of Rylee the other day and she is just adorable!!! They are so precious when they are that small.

His Doorkeeper said...

Sorry about your sting! I know that must've hurt!

Hold off another year or two having another baby and I bet you get a grandbaby by then!! They are more fun, less stress!!! har

His Doorkeeper said...
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Jamie said...

I'm so sorry about your sting! I don't remember ever having a sting that caused my hands to swell, but one time--when Lane and I first started dating--I got a sunburn and smeared aloe on my hands from my aloe plant. I guess I had a reaction to it because both my hands puffed up to where I looked like I was wearing Minnie Mouse gloves! We still laugh about it!

What a beautiful baby! The baby stuff from Gymboree is so stinkin' cute--wow! That's a great store. They get ya with all those precious, coordinating things don't they?! I've always liked shopping there for Rhett, but can resist the coordinating socks, etc. Not so with the girl clothes!

Becky said...

What a precious baby!!! I love your hair too. I'm sorry about your poor finger! It sounds like you had a great weekend though! XOXO Becky

Lauren Kelly said...

Awww, Girl, ouch on the sting. Hope your finger gets better. Otherwise, looks like you had a fantastic weekend!!! :o)

Kyla said...

Yikes!! I got stung in between my eyes (on the part inbetween my eyebrows) three times when I was little and it totally traumatized me, ha :)

And I just love your curly hair, you're so cute!

petrii said...

Bless your heart Jacquie and your finger =) Ouch!! Dak swells up like that when he gets stung too. Yuck!!!

Wow I only live about 45 mins from Branson, so we live pretty close to each other...YAY!!!!!

What a cutie that baby is -- you'll have so much fun with a gbaby. No pressure Kale =)

Have a Blessed evening,

StitchinByTheLake said...

My sister has such a phobia about wasps that if she'd gotten stung I'd have had to take her to the hospital - and I'm not kidding. :) Love the baby stuff - and the baby! blessings, marlene

Heather said...

Ah, Gymboree!!! Their stuff is so cute!!! What a precious baby girl!
SO sorry about your bee sting....but glad you had (two) good trips!!