Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Oldest

Today is Kale’s 22nd birthday. I’ve always been big on making family birthdays a special day.  It’s their day and I like to make a big fuss.  But, now that they’re not even children anymore, birthdays are a little different than they once were.  Since I can’t see my boy, or give him a big hug on his birthday, I want to just say a few things about the birthday boy.

David and I were married nearly four years before Kale came along.  When we got to the point that we felt “ready” to start a family (I was ready MUCH sooner than Dave), it seemed like it took forever to get pregnant.  In reality it was only 4 or 5 months.  Each month, I was just so sad when it didn’t happen.  Finally, one night as I laid in bed, I prayed to a God that I learned about as a little girl, but never really had a relationship with as an adult.  I asked Him to just give me a child and I would give him back to Him.  I didn’t know the story of Hannah (1 Samuel 1) – I just simply wanted a child to love.  But, I will say that at that very moment, I KNEW I was pregnant.  I KNEW it.  The next day, I told David that I was pregnant.  He asked me how I knew and I told him he couldn’t tell anyone, but God just let me know. We weren’t in church at the time and I just couldn’t quite explain it.  Dave, I’m sure, thought I was out of my head, but as it turned out… I was pregnant. Me at 6.5 months with Kale

Me at 6.5 mos with Kale

That begin a really special time in my life.  I was reading my Bible and talking to God in a way I never had before.  I was filled with joy and happiness and having Kale growing inside me was simply amazing.  I LOVED being pregnant.


Kale at the hospital

Kale came along 3 weeks after his due date.  A whopping 9 pound, 8 ounce baby boy.

And I realized what love was.

Kale's first doctor appointment

(What was with those glasses??)

Kale reading

Kale was always interested in learning, we noticed that from early on in his life.  When my kids were crawling age, I did a little experiment with each of them.  I placed a ball, a truck and a book in front of them and I watched to see which one they would go to first.  Every time without exception, Kale crawled to the book.  He never went to the truck or the ball. Tyler, on the other hand, NEVER went to the book, but pretty much equally went to the truck or ball.  They are still that way today. Kale is my book kid – Tyler is my active kid.

Kale at science fair 6th grade

Kale spent a lot of time in his elementary and middle school years studying the game of basketball, working on science experiments, and staying after school to visit with favorite teachers. (Jamie and Micaela’s dad used to say that Kale was the kind of kid he used to like to beat up in school. Ha!)

During his high school years he was never one to run the roads hot.  He spent most of his time tinkering with gadgets (we should’ve seen it coming)…

Kale crawled up to the TV

… and learning all about computers. When he was fourteen, he started playing piano and became quite good, even writing his own classical pieces.

Kale and birthday piano

He shares the love of the Arkansas outdoors with his Daddy and loves to hunt and fish.

Kale fishing on front steps

On New Year’s Day of his senior year. he bought two baby grand pianos.  One had been painted antique white and he decided he wanted to restore it to ebony and sell it.  And that he did. 

Top being stripped Back before Front before Keys before Leg before Side being stripped

He spent several months working on it and the night before he graduated he sold it.  We were so proud that he started a BIG project and followed through… and he’s done that in every area of his life.  Here’s the final product…

Kale and restored piano

He is now 7/8 of the way through college studying to be a Chemical Engineer.  He works hard to keep his scholarships, he’s held a job through most of his college years and makes time for Kayla and his family.

He makes us proud. I’m not only proud to call him my son, I’m also proud to call him my friend.

Happy Birthday, Kale David. 

Kale's first birthday

We love you with our whole hearts!!


Kayla said...

I LOVE this post! Can't imagine why...

and no, I didn't watch the biggest loser tonight :(

Becky said...

Awe...this is so sweet. You can tell you are so proud of your baby boy! He seems like he's accomplished so much in his life already, you should be so proud and I know you are! I love the pregnant pictures of you and thank you for sharing your story with us! I love hearing how God speaks through people...and this just touched my heart! XOXO Becky

Kelley said...

That was the sweetest thing! I loved seeing the pictures! He is an amazing guy. I know you and your husband are so proud! Happy Birthday, Kale!

His Doorkeeper said...

Jacquie, that was the sweetest tribute to Kale! He has always been a very special young man....we've know that for a long time!

God answered your prayers "above, beyond anything you could ask or think", didn't HE???

Happy Birthday Kale!!! God has blessed your life!

Susie said...

I loved this post Jacquie. What a remarkable young man he is. I'm totally impressed with the restoration of the piano.

By the way, what was with those glasses girl? Actually I wore a pair just like them several years ago. haha

Betsy said...

Awwww...that just about made me cry! What a sweet, smart, and special boy you have!! I know you love him so much. I know just how you feel, girl.

I loved all the pictures, too!!

Morris Family said...

Happy Birthday Kale!! Jacquie, that was the sweetest post ever!! I loved all the pictures but the one of him in front of the tv....priceless!!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

What a sweet post!

Happy Birthday to your son!

And I loved your glasses. :)

Jessica Lane said...

I had no idea about when you first realized you were pregnant with Kale. I have never heard that story. That's cool though! I'm sure Kale would appreciate that picture of his baby back side on this post, haha. Happy Birthday, Kale!

In His Army said...

Great post, Jacquie! I'm still laughing about dad saying Kale was the kind of kid he used to beat up ;) Happy B-day Kale and I'm of you also! ...btw, making me feel old...Kale&Tyler and the Sneed girls are the first people I can say that I "watched grow up" and that makes me feel old because I do remember when they were my kids sizes!!!