Monday, March 16, 2009

Girl Time

Jodi and I needed a little “girl time”… so after church yesterday  we headed off to the movie theater.  Tyler’s girlfriend (Hey, Courtney!) works at one of our movie theaters and since he’s seen about everything… he gave us some advice on what we should see.  We wanted a fun movie, nothing too heavy, so he recommended…

Mall Cop

Mall Cop

Jodi and I both really like Kevin James… and we thought this movie was just so cute.  We don’t laugh out loud often at the movie theater (in fact, we elbow each other a lot when women are laughing raucously at not-so-funny stuff in theaters)…  but we did laugh out loud several times at “Paul Blart”. 

That Kevin James is hilarious!!

And after seeing the movie, we’ve decided we each want a “Segway”.  We’re thinking we could get some serious gas mileage using one of these babies in the Spring and Summer months!!

Paul Blart Segway

Can’t you just picture us riding along together, side by side, on our way to the gym??

After the movie, I got a yummy Chocolate Extreme Blizzard and Jodi took over the driving responsibility so I could thoroughly enjoy the calories.  Because that’s what friends are for.

It was a fun  day… made even more enjoyable by the fact that Jodi stayed AWAKE during the entire movie!!


Heather said...

I like Kevin James, too! Glad you got some good girl time! I am craving a chocolate blizzard now!!! :)

The Graves Gang said...

Jeff & I got 4 movie gift certificates for Christmas.... I now know what we will use 2 of them for....Just gotta sweet talk Kyla in to babysitting her siblings...hehe

MiMi said...

My son actually had a Segway up until recently and it was really a lot of fun! This ole' grandma even rode it a few times! (-:

I also like Kevin James so I might need to check this out! It's always good to have a good "out loud" belly laugh!

Rose Mary said...

I haven't seen that movie~but it sounds like lots of fun!

That chocolate blizzard sounds really good--and I just finished eating, LOL!

The Garners said...

I think Kevin James is hilarious. I miss his show, "King of Queens"--it always made me laugh out loud. We always said we'd like to be their neighbors except we'd be scared of Carrie.

Glad J stayed awake for the movie--it must have been entertaining! :)

Courtney said...

I guess I should get around to seeing this! You two aren't the only ones that have recommended it..

& I'll try to keep Tyler safe, as much as I can, he can be just so stubborn!