Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No Snow, Please!!

I have/had plans to go spend Thursday and Friday nights with Kale at Fayetteville, but now the weather man is calling for SNOW!! It’s March 11th, already!  I really want to go! Kayla, Kyla, and I have plans to workout together Friday morning.  I also have a car appointment Friday morning – and Kayla and I have BIG plans for Friday afternoon.  More on that later.  Please pray the roads will stay safe enough to drive tomorrow.


As for my reality TV fix for the week…

Amazing Race

The U-Turn got ‘em this week:

That may come back to haunt the Mom and Son team.

 24 Season 7 I am officially mourning the loss of Bill Buchanan. Although, he could still come back to life.  However, I’ve learned to not get too attached to any character on “24”… because they think NOTHING of offing them.

Aaron Pierce is still my favorite Secret Service agent! (Ok, Writers, I AM attached to Aaron!)

Renee Walker did me proud.

And… once again, Jack is in another “scrape” (as David puts it).

Could we call it “48” and have two hour episodes each week, please??

 Biggest Loser Couples

This was one strange episode.  So far this season, I’ve felt that these were some of the nicest people they’ve ever selected.  Then you have the Black team getting 24 hours of luxury and ending up with 24 hours of revelry.  Of course, Jillian flips out over that… but then Filipe loses his temper because Jillian never worked him one-on-one in the gym in at least a 2-hour period.  (What was up with that?  Why would Jillian not work one-on-one with him? They didn’t reveal that.)  She was, however, pretty relieved to see them go… which makes me think they never got over losing their trainer “Bob”.  In the end, poor Mandi went home.  Someone from the Black team really should have made an exit.

I like Ron… but I hate to tell the Blue team, they’ll probably not win many challenges with him still on their team… he’s a bit handicapped.  Just sayin’.

 after-american-idol-its-time-for-vietnam-idol_14 I haven’t watched the results show, yet, but there were some good performances last night on American Idol.  I’m still pulling for Danny and Kris.

Here are some of my thoughts:

Adam would make a good lead singer for a heavy metal band… can you say Axl Rose??

I’m just not that into Lil.

Michael Sarver had a little bit of Michael English going on.

For a 16 year old – that Allison has a voice.

Rockin’ Robin – Megan, that was just uncomfortable to watch.

And, please, please, no more Michael Jackson stuff!! I wish they’d let them choose their own songs each week.


Is this time change still whoopin’ y’all?  I’ve been dragging all week!!


Kayla said...


I sure hope to get off work tomorrow night and see your car infront of K's apartment!

Kyla said...

I'm crossing my fingers for no snow :) I'm so over this hot then cold thing...booo!

Can't wait to meet you!!

Kelley said...

I hope it doesn't snow. It was sleeting here yesterday, but wasn't quite cold enough to stick. I hope you have a wonderful time with Kale, Kayla, and Kyla.

petrii said...

As soon as I saw snow for NW AR I was like, "Oh no poor Jacquie" seriously crazy weather ya'll been havin'. But this morning I've looked at the weather already and it looks like it's not going to get as bad as they thought. YAY!! So hopefully you can go have fun playing in Fayetville. Can I just say on a side note, I heart Fayetville. We love to go hiking about 30 mins from there (with the new road) at Devils Den. Have you even been there? It is just beautiful and quite a hike.

I really like Danny too, and my fam really likes Adam. AI is turning out to be a pretty good year I think. YAY!! Two good years in a row!!!

Could this comment get any longer? lol.

Have a Blesed day.

Love ya girl, Dawn

Lauren Kelly said...

Thanks, love getting the recaps of the shows as I gave up TV for lent :o)

Susie said...

I hope y'all don't get snow. I saw on the weather this a.m. my mom's/Bec's hometown is getting wintery mix.

His Doorkeeper said...

Don't worry about your trip west. This is going to be a very-little-snow-if-any week-end. We have driven to Fayetteville in terrible snow storms....this will be nothing to worry about.

I said that very thing to S the other night when we were watching "24"...why can't it be on two nights like AI ?? I watch very little TV but I could watch two hours of JACK!!!!

Tim said...

Jacquie I hope you got to go!!!

Love and Prayers,


MiMi said...

I'm all for changing it to "48" --although I would probably NEVER be able to get to sleep after TWO hours of my man, Jack! I was so sad to see Bill go, too, you said, he could still come back!

I had heard that you were supposed to get snow again. They are calling for rain for us this weekend. I'll be praying for your trip.

Have a safe trip and a great weekend!

Becky said...

I know! I am so upset about Bill!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Do you think Tony is really a bad guy? I'm still torn.

Kelley said...

Thanks for what you said on my blog. MK has been so sick. She didn't want to eat. It was a fight to get her to drink anything. It was a rough week. I have felt sick, too, but I think my immune system is down because of lack of sleep. Hopefully we will have a good next week. My dad is coming home on Friday. YAY!!! I thought what you said about the signs was funny. I am glad you don't have to stand in the cold to spell out the sayings. I wonder when the people actual put them up. I never see them out. Ha! The funniest sayings I have found are on one of the local dentist's signs. I'll have to post about them sometime.