Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sharon #9

Yesterday was the first day of Spring! I’m so excited about the prospect of warmer temps and the season’s colors.

Today is my little sister, Sharon’s birthday. 

Goulet family 1973 - Sharon

She is 39 and holding!

I remember the day Sharon was born.  Her birth is the first one I really remember much about.  I was almost 6 years old.  I recall standing in the kitchen watching my father call person after person saying “It’s a girl”.  You remember the days when people didn’t know “what” they were having?

Sharon is all grown up now, a nurse by trade, and a momma by heart.  She has four children who are highly entertaining.

I think she gets all the medical-related phone calls from our family members (I’m guilty of seeking info myself).  Her days are filled with sports and dance and all the things that come with being a mom.  Her oldest is graduating from high school and heading to college this year, so she’s entering new heart territory.

If you asked Sharon what being my sister was like… one thing she’d tell you was how I used to be obsessed with getting the supper dishes finished before people were pretty much even done with their last bite.  I was all about sleep during my high school years.  I’d be asleep most school nights by 7 or 8 PM – depending on whether or not “Magnum PI” was on. Magnum in 1980 was akin to Jack Bauer in 2009 to me.  Anyway, when Sharon didn’t respond as eagerly as I hoped… she’d get pelted in the face with warm soapy water from the dish brush.   I’m sure she can recall lots of other sisterly things I did that my memory has selectively erased at this stage of my life.

I love being from a big family… and I’m blessed to have five sisters.

The girls at Moms

August 2008

L-R: Valerie #4, Me #6, Sharon #9 (the birthday girl), Mom, and Suzanne #3 (she just had her birthday on March 15) Sisters not pictured: Cathy #1 and Kristin #11

It’s so hard to believe so much time has passed…

Sharon and Mom  Sharon and Memere Sharon on teeter totter Sharons first birthday


Happy Birthday, Sharon.

I love you!


Kayla said...

Happy birthday, #9!!! love all the pictures! I could seriously look at them all day!

His Doorkeeper said...

Happy Birthday Sharon!
Jacquie, you have material for at least 10 blogs a year just saying Happy Birthday to all of your siblings!!

You look just like your mother in those older pictures!

Kyla said...

Oh I can tell for sure that you were ornery back then (probably now too!)

I love being from a big family too- but outsiders can get kind of "nervous" when they come over to our house and there's so many of us running around and being loud! Ha!

Kelley said...

Happy Birthday to your sister! What a sweet post about her. I hope she has an awesome birthday!

petrii said...

These are such cute pics. Happy Birthday #9..ahem... sharon =)

Have a Blessed Lord's day,

MiMi said...

In a family as big as yours, SOMEONE is always having a birthday, aren't they? You must have so many fun memories of growing up with so many sisters!

I loved your comparison of Magnum PI to Jack Bauer! lol I have to say I like Jack much better, don't you?

Oh, and my kids were born back in the day when you didn't know "what" you were having, too!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Sharon!

Susie said...

Happy birthday to your sissy!

I reckon with so many siblings you guys are always celebrating birthdays!!!

Becky said...

I can just imagine your family get togethers! You must have a HUGE Thanksgiving table....Happy birthday to your sis, they are the best aren't they?
XOXO Becky

Tim said...

Happy Birthday Sharon!

I guess you already know what a great sister you got there in number 6. I hope your day was special!

Sorry Ive been a little absent here Jacquie. Things have been crazy around here.

Love and Prayers,


Lauren Kelly said...

That's too precious! I bet it's so awesome coming from a big family!!! :O)

The Garners said...

Happy Birthday, Sharon! I always love your b-day photos.